Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Rev. Edward Magee

The Rev. Edward Magee was born in Ireland about 1818 to unknown parents. He was ordained a deacon in New York and came to Indiana, where he served as a missionary to Delphi between 1848 and 1849. He then moved to Mount Clemens, Michigan, organizing and becoming rector of Grace Church, where he was ordained by Bishop McCoskry to the priesthood. From here he moved north to East Saginaw, serving St. Paul's Church from 1858 to 1859. He was briefly in charge of Christ Church, Adrian, in 1859, and then returned to the Saginaw area to take charge jointly of St John's Church, Saginaw, and Trinity Church, Bay City. These areas were still heavily timbered and served loggers and their families. In 1880, he served a church in Alpena, and in 1885 he was in Cheboygan, Michigan. His date of death is unknown.