Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Rev. Charles Herbert Young

The Rev. Charles Herbert Young was born  in Manhattan, Will County, Illinois, on 2 September 1867, the son of Edward and Ann Eliza (Hoyt) Young. He was a graduate of both Seabury Divinity School and General Theological Seminary. From 1804 to 1903, he was principal of the Associate Mission School in Omaha, Nebraska. He married in Omaha on 4 June 1898, Sarah Hillhouse Bowen. In 1903 he moved to Chicago to become rector of Christ Church. He remained there through 1920, when he moved to Howe, Indiana, to become rector of St. Mark's and rector also of Howe Military Academy. He remained there until his retirement in 1933. He and his wife then moved to Davenport, Iowa, where he became an assistant at the cathedral while also serving as chaplain at St. Katherine's School there. From there he moved to Hawaii in 1938 as principal of of Iolani School. In 1939, they returned to Sturgis, Michigan, where he died on 22 September 1948.


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