Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Rev. Charles Frederic Westman

The Rev. Charles F. Westman was born in Toronto, Ontario, on 12 March 1877, the son of Elijah and Margaret (Plunkett) Westman. He settled in Louisville, Kentucky, where he married, first, Victorine Le Monnier McCarthy on 12 July 1907. He served as an assistant at Christ Church Cathedral in Louisville, and then moved to Amarillo, Texas, as rector of St. Andrew's Church. By 1910 he was in Petoskey, Michigan. He was briefly in Indiana in 1911 having talks with Bishop White and serving at St. Mary's, Delphi. However, he accepted a position in Petersburg, Michigan. Then in 1914 he returned to Indiana after being called as rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Logansport. He remained there to 1918, when he moved to Asheville, North Carolina, where he became a naturalized citizen. His first wife died in 1922, and two years later he married Mary Eckley Ovan. He was called to a position in Franklin, Massachusetts, before 1930 and remained there until his death, which occurred in 1944. He is buried in City Mills Historical Cemetery.