Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Rev. Alonzo James Madison Hudson

The Rev. Alonzo J. M. Hudson was born on 2 April 1817 in Cornwall, Vermont, the son of John and Abigail (Morse) Hudson. He attended Marshall College and graduated in 1843, and also studied theology in Mercersburg, becoming ordained in the German Reformed Church. He married Mary Theresa Finley in 1848. In 1853 he was stationed as a Reformed minister in Lafayette, Indiana. Endowed with a rich bass voice, he took an interest in choral music and was soon attracted to the hymns of the Episcopal Church. He and his wife were confirmed by Bishop Upfold, and subsequently he presented himself for ordination to the diaconate and priesthood. Upfold sent him to St. Mary's, Delphi, in 1854, where two of his four sons died. He remained there until 1858, also taking charge of Trinity Logansport in his last year. From there he moved to Coals Mouth, Kanawha County, Virginia (now West Virginia), where he became horrified at the secession of southern states. He gathered a group of signatories and sent a petition and letter to Abraham Lincoln in 1862, commending him for putting down the rebellion. He moved to St. John's Church in Portage City, Wisconsin, where his so-called "war sermons" attracted a strong following. The public prevailed on him to repeat them in the largest hall in the town. Remaining there until 1867, he moved to Baraboo, Wisconsin, serving Trinity Church until 1874. He moved again to Racine, where he resided at Racine College and served St. Mark's Mission at Oak Creek, now South Milwaukee. His poor health forced his retirement, and he moved to Denver, Colorado, where he died on 4 October 1898. He was buried in Fairmout Cemetery there.