Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Ordinations and Postulants

Big Book of Ordinations

Ordination of Gordon Rhodes Olston, St. James, South Bend, 3 March 1946

Ordination of Bruce Mosier, St. John's, Bristol, 23 June 1946

Ordination of Thomas F. Stoll and David Hyndman, 30 May 1964, South Bend

Ordination of James De Golier at Elkhart, 1947

Ordination of George Minnix, 5 July 1964, Howe Military School

Postulants 1970s-1980s

Ordination of Todd Smelser, 30 November 1974, Fort Wayne

Ordination of Terry Russell and Paul W. Smith, August 1978, Fort Wayne

Ordination, South Bend, 16 May 1983, William Luley, Harold Comer, Clair Price, and Paul R. G. Smith

Ordination, South Bend, 9 October 1991, with Bishop Francis C. Gray

Ordination of Susan Jo Blubaugh, 8 July 1992, first woman ordination in diocese (video), part 1

Ordination of Susan Jo Blubaugh, 8 July 1992, (video), part 2

Ordinations by Bishop Edward Little (various)

Ordinations by Bishop Douglas Sparks (various)