Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Historical Parish Records of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana

The Protestant Episcopal Church was one of several religious denominations in nineteenth-century Indiana that kept registers of baptisms, marriages, confirmations, and burials. Many of these registers predate the keeping of public vital records by many decades. As such, they represent an important source for historical and genealogical information. The Diocese of Northern Indiana is pleased to begin offering digital images of its parish registers for the benefit of researchers.

These registers are viewable online in two different formats. Some are digitized as PDF files that can be easily scrolled through for information. You may need to download the file and rotate the digital image to make it viewable. 

Others are digitized and available through a partnership with Familysearch, a non-profit organization affiliated with the Genealogical Society of Utah. In order to access the records on the Familysearch website, the researcher will need to register a free login and password with Familysearch. None of the records in either format are automated or name-searchable. Hence, to locate a name, the user will need to select the parish from those listed below, choose the register volume, and then scroll through to view images of the pages. Some registers contain original holographic indexes that can assist in the search for a specific name or family. We hope to offer a diocesan-wide name indexing system at some time in the future.

Parish registers of the Episcopal Church appear in a number of formats. In the earliest days of the Diocese of Indiana, the records of baptism, marriage, confirmation, and burial were recorded in blank books laid out under the design of the officiating clergyman. Sometimes only minimal information was recorded, while at other times the priest made various notes. Occasionally, as in the case of St. Paul's Mishawaka, the earliest parish register was kept together with vestry minutes. At other times, as with the case of Trinity Michigan City, the clergyman kept family registers where all of the children of a couple were grouped together and included elaborate indexes.

By the time of the Civil War or soon after, printed blank registers made an appearance in nearly every parish. These volumes allowed for more precise and uniform recording of vital information. Not only were baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and burials recorded, but there were also sections for communicants, offerings, and parish history notations. Marriages could take place in many locations outside of the church, and some priests made note of these locations as well as circumstances and even certain guests. Burial records would occasionally include cause of death and frequently the place of burial. Baptismal records would include the names of godparents or sponsors. It was not unusual for some parents to baptize all of their children at once. Occasionally but not always, the priest would enter both the birth date and baptismal date of the child, but such information was seldom recorded for adults being baptized.

In the twentieth century, many larger parishes adopted separate registers for marriages, baptisms, confirmations, and communicants. These records were less condensed than in the earlier, all-inclusive registers, but they lacked the arcane information often found in the earlier registers.

The Diocese hopes that the registers will be helpful for finding your family history. We plan to make more records available over time as they become digitized.

Diocese of Indiana, Bishop George Upfold's Register of Baptisms (1853-1860), Confirmations (1849-1864), and Marriages (1854-1861)

Diocese of Northern Indiana Confirmations
       Register, 1899-1949 (not digitized, at Archives, super oversize)
       Register, 1944-1962
       Register, 1963-1976
       Register 1976-2002
       Register, 1995-1999
       Register, 2000-2016

Bristol, St. John of the Cross
       Parish Register, 1843-1966

Butler, St. Charles the Martyr
        Parish Register, 1961-1964

Delphi, St. Mary's
       Parish Register, 1844-1959
       Vestry Minute Book 2, 1864-1887

East Chicago, Church of the Good Shepherd
       Parish Register, 1892-1940
       Parish Register, 1941-1971

Elkhart, St. John the Evangelist
       Parish Register 1, 1868-1893
       Parish Register 2, 1893-1902
       Parish Register 3, 1902-1918
       Parish Register 4, 1914-1931
       Parish Register 5, 1931-1943
       Parish Register 6, 1943-1953
       Parish Register 7, 1953-1978, Communicants
       Confirmation Register, 1952-1972
       Marriage Register, 1940-1968
       Burial Register, 1955-1982
       Baptismal Register, 1953-1964

Fort Wayne, Church of the Good Shepherd
        Parish Register, 1869-1875

Fort Wayne, Trinity
         Parish Register (Christ Church and Trinity), 1839-1853
         Parish Register 1, 1839-1888
         Parish Register 2, 1889-1923
         Parish Register 3, 1923-1947
         Marriage Register, 1924-1941
         Marriage Register, 1941-1961
         Communicants, 1948-1964
         Baptismal Register, 1948-1974
         Vestry Minutes, 1839 (Christ Church), 1844-1878 (Trinity)
         Vestry Minutes, 1879-1912
         Vestry Minutes, 1913-1931
         Vestry Minutes, 1932-1947
         Vestry Minutes, 1947-1952
         Vestry Minutes, 1953-1959
         Vestry Minutes, 1960-1970

Gary, Christ Church
          Parish Register 1, 1908-1928
          Parish Register 2, 1908-1980
          Marriage Register, 1908-1964
          Index of Names
         Parish Register after 1980 is located at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Hobart

Gas City, St. Paul's
         Parish Register, 1895-2015

Goshen, St. James
          Parish Register 1, 1868-1892
          Parish Register 2, 1893-1898 (lost)
          Parish Register 3, 1899-1928
          Parish Register 4, 1929-1966

Hartford City, St. Luke's
           Parish Register, 1915-1953 (with gaps)

Howe, St. Mark's (formerly Lima) (and St. James Chapel, Howe School)
           Marriages (typescript), 1896-1912
           Parish Register, 1852-1885 
           Parish Register, 1894-1913 
           Baptisms and Families, 1895-1912
           Parish Register, vol. 5, 1913-1956 
           Parish Register, vol. 6, 1956-1976 
           Parish Register, vol. 7, 1976-1986 
           Parish Register, vol. 8, 1986-2021 
            Vestry Minutes, 1920-1951
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Huntington, Christ the King
          Parish Register, 1884-1898

Kendallville, Trinity
          Clergy Book, Service Register, and Parish Register, 1890-1904
          Parish Register, 1907-1938

La Porte, St. Paul's
          Parish Register, 1838-1865
          Parish Register, 1838-1910
          Parish Register, 1911-1939
          Parish Register, 1940-1979

Logansport, Trinity
          Parish Register 1, 1841-1865 (lost)
          Parish Register 2, 1866-1879
          Parish Register 3, 1880-1930
          Vestry Minute Book 1, 1841-1855

Marion, Gethsemane
          Parish Register 1, 1887-1905
          Parish Register 2 (Baptisms, Confirmations, Burials, Communicants), 1905-1958
          Marriage Register, 1905-1958

Michigan City (Long Beach), St. Andrew's-by-the-Lake
            Parish Register, 1956-2019

Michigan City, Trinity
          Parish Register 1, 1838-1872
          Parish Register 1 Partial Transcription, 1838-1872
          Parish Register 2, 1873-1882
          Parish Register 3, 1882-1914
          Parish Register 4, 1914-1927
          Parish Register 5, 1928-1947
          Parish Register 6, 1947-1955

Mishawaka, St. Paul's
          Parish Register 1, 1837-1870
          Parish Register 2, 1871-1901
          Parish Register 3, 1903-1933

New Carlisle, St. Mary's
          Parish Register, 1891-1903

North Liberty, St. Philip's
           Parish Register, 1890-1894

Peru, St. James
            Parish Register, 1844-1860

Peru, Holy Trinity
            Parish Register, 1872-1896
            Parish Register, 1897-1949
            Parish Register, 1950-1962
            Parish Register, 1962-1989

Plymouth, St. Thomas/Santo Tomas
            Parish Register 1, 1857-1871
            Parish Register 2, 1872-1890
            Parish Register 3, 1891-1910
            Parish Register 4, 1909-1956
            Parish Register 5, 1956-1977

Rensselaer, St. Peter's
             Parish Register, 1961-2004

South Bend, Cathedral of St. James
             Parish Register, 1868-1900
             Parish Register (alternate digitizing), 1868-1900
             Parish Register, 1899-1937
             Parish Register, 1899-1937 (alternate digitizing)
             Parish Register, 1937-1942
             Parish Register, Index of Communicants
             Parish Register, 1943-1953
             Marriage Register, 1949-1989
             Confirmation Register, 1950-1986
             Baptismal Register, 1953-1989
             Marriage Index, 1931-1939
             Burial Register, 1962-1988

South Bend, Holy Trinity (formerly Holy Trinity Hungarian Mission, "Szentharomsaq Magyar Episzkopalis Hitkozseq")
               Parish Register, 1913-1922
               Parish Register, 1923-1932
               Parish Register, 1932-1942
               Parish Register, 1942-1964
               Parish Register, 1964-2022

Syracuse [Wawasee], All Saints
              Parish Register, 1907-1945

Valparaiso, St. Andrew's
               Parish Register, 1893-1947
               Baptismal Register 1893-1996
               Burial Register, 1899-2022

Whiting, St. Luke's
               Parish Register, 1895-1914