Cultural Appropriation as Archives : Media and Cultural Analysis Assignment C


Historical archives as a whole are created from a compilation of items that remind people of the past. The objects form into keepsakes of a specific time period, and produce reflections and memories. Shinro Ohtake's work with the creation of his multitude of scrapbooks are a prime example of memorabilia, that form into a story that one can look back and analyse. Along with this, it also becomes a work of art in itself. However, to what extent are these components of memorabilia culturally appropriated from other works? Often shown in the scrapbooks are newspaper articles, magazine excerpts, photos, and art pieces from people that were not Shinro Ohtake himself, yet the artist still used them to create his own scrapbook (his own story and his own art). For the purpose of this project, I will analyse how historical stories and art are appropriated from the work of others to create new and original archives.

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