This comment was written by Sara Penrhyn Jones on 22 Aug 2016.

Creative Practice as Research: Discourse on Methodology

Reflecting on creative work 'in situ'

I have encountered this idea before: that it is useful to reflect in the moment and 'in situ' during a creative process. I work through photography and film, and actually want to enter into what most of us would probably call 'the zone'. Sometimes I don't know why a particular 'scene' or image is arresting to me, but I need to pursue it in a particular state of mind. Then there is another stage of post-production, where I am still trying to home the essence of what I captured (through editing etc). Sometimes, it can take years for all these very personal response to take a particular shape. I would find it deadly to the creative process to be overly- analytical at a very early state, because I want to 'find' the subject through the arts practice. This doesn't mean that I (we) are not constantly informed and influenced by what we read, see, and experience in our lives ('scholarly' or otherwise) but I think that a strong emphasis on making these connections right away, explicitly, comes from an unnecessary pressure on creative practitioner/researchers. We are STILL working in an overly defensive way, in a rigid, hierarchical, and unimaginative academic culture.

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