CEC Journal: Issue 4


The fourth issue of the CEC Journal invited contributions in response to the theme Cultures of Remembering: Past, Present, and Future Conflicts. Authors were asked to propose writing projects that: evaluate current practices of remembering in museums and/or other corpuses that include a public-display about specific conflicts; consider the role of history textbooks in how conflicts are remembered and (re)taught; analyse particular conflicts in relation to the diverse historical narratives that are transmitted (formally or informally) concerning them.

In response to these provocations, this issue of the CEC Journal includes voices from/about diverse contexts: two artist-practitioner-scholars' account of a visual and artistic project in Argentina that seeks to document the lived experiences of its participants; a personal analysis of attempts to memorialize the Holocaust in Germany; one author's photographic journey through a museum in Nicaragua; a work-in-progress that looks at the narratives of diverse women freedom fighters in South Africa.

Apart from its diversity of voices, this issue is particularly unique because it contains our first article to be published, full-length, in both English and Spanish. As we move forward with the Journal, we hope to make such inclusions more frequent; to ensure that a conscious multilingual approach becomes one of the signature strategies of this publication... Aren't we all in dire need of spaces that are less confined by linguistic hegemonies?

A special thanks to Svenja Budziak, UWC USA's Bartos Fellow for the Fall and this issue's guest editor; also to Luis Gamboa, faculty member at UWC-USA, for his editorial contribution to this issue.

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