CEC Journal: Issue 2

Editor's note

Welcome to the second issue of the CEC Journal; an issue that welcomed submissions around the theme Young People and the Sustainable Development Goals: Inclusive Innovation by 2030. Contributors were invited to submit: snapshots, case studies, or (critical) reflections about/by young people who are making attempts to achieve the SDGs; discussions about the potential and conflicts that arise from using online platforms as strategies for ‘inclusive innovation’; analyses of the political, ethical, and/or legal complexities of achieving the SDGs. 

In line with this broad scope, the authors in this issue take on a range of questions: from a case study of particular parameters surrounding education in Rwanda, to the presentation of global exemplars of libraries being used in furthering development agendas; from the snapshot of an initiative that uses theatre as its methodology for inclusive innovation in New Mexico, to a provocative critique of the SDGs themselves. We are also particularly delighted to showcase initiatives undertaken by UWC-USA students and their peers within the Bartos Institute's programming that -- while not necessarily framed by the SDGs -- certainly embodies the spirit of youthful and inclusive innovation.

The second issue of the CEC Journal has been guest edited by Egzon Sadiku, our Bartos Fellow who has been in-residence at UWC-USA from September to November 2016. Egzon brings his aesthetics as a visual artist and philosopher to frame this issue's design and a special note of thanks is owed to this talented artist/activist/thinker/educator from Kosovo, who has enriched the work of the Bartos Institute with his creativity and commitment. 

We are delighted to share this work with you.

Nandita Dinesh
Managing Editor, CEC Journal

Image Credit: Christopher Thomson's Constructive Engagement sculpture at UWC-USA

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