The Burma Bucknell Connection

Historically Significant Figures

In the following section, I have chosen to highlight a few individuals important to the Burma-Bucknell relationship. 

Currently, this section has three people who made it possible for the Burma-Bucknell weekends to be celebrated. As Bucknell’s first international student, Shaw Loo started the entire relationship and his journey from home to Bucknell and back is a fascinating subject. For eighteen years, Forrest D. Brown served as the driving force behind the Burma-Bucknell Weekends, organizing the events, arranging transportation for guests, assigning hosts, and making payments. Helen Hunt, along with Samuel Rickard and his wife suggested the weekends begin, and called for Burmese students to go to Bucknell during the Weekends through her hard-earned connection with her students.

This list will most likely be expanded at some point in time.

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