The Burma Bucknell Connection

About the Project

This project is about the Burma-Bucknell Connection, the link between my home country and Bucknell University. It all started when Bucknell received its first international student, Shaw Loo from Burma, and continues today. This project is meant to bring awareness to one of the longest international relationships that Bucknell has had and tell a tale about how people have kept the international friendship alive. This website aims to have easily accessible information about the connection for anyone interested.

The project is for both Bucknell students and Burmese people. I wanted to write for those in the Bucknell community who might want to know more about this historic connection, and for the Burmese who want to hear about how actions in Burma have affected the US. I tried to keep this in mind while formulating this website.    

This site currently is focused on the Burma-Bucknell Weekends, which were held from 1949 to 1968. It is partially to showcase the efforts that the University put towards continuing the Burma-Bucknell relationship despite political unrest and financial difficulties. 
My research this summer has led me to disprove the current narrative that the Burma-Bucknell Weekends ended due to political unrest, and show that in fact, Bucknell kept on the Burma-Bucknell Weekends in some shape or form. A large portion of the project, therefore, is on the Burma-Bucknell Weekends section, and I have put up pamphlets made for the Weekends available to browse by clicking on their images on the “Pamphlets of the Weekends” page.

For a more complete explanation of my thought process, please see the “Methodology and Sources” section, navigable through the retractable bar on the left of your computer screen, or on the right side of your phone.

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