Digital History Seminar: 20th Century Spain

Media Guidelines

Media Strategy 

All media for this project should be: uploaded as a local or internet media file; assigned a title, description, and metadata following the below guidelines; and tagged on the digital collection page. Note that internet media files may show up as a grey thumbnail in our digital collection, so use local files when possible. If your selected media is composed of multiple files or pages, save it as a single PDF and add the required metadata to the PDF entry. Then create an image file of the first page of your PDF (no metadata required and do not tag it on the digital collection page), and use the styling tab to make this file the thumbnail image for your entry. 


Direction: The name given to the resource in its original language.
Example: Pro universidad Marxista


Direction: [Type of source] from [coverage] produced/written/created by [creator] featuring/discussing/depicting __________. 
Example: Postage stamp from the Spanish Civil War produced by the Communist Party, featuring an image of Ana Pauker on the occasion of their 1938 national congress on solidarity.

Metadata Schema

All project media should be assigned the following Dublin Core terms (dcterms): Source, Date, Spatial, Format, Coverage, Creator. If information about a resource is unknown, leave the corresponding dcterms blank.

dcterms: Source

Direction: Name of the website or archive that has digitized the resource, and the link to the media file provided by the website or archive.
Example: Special Collections & Archives UC San Diego,

dcterms: Date

Direction: Date the original resource was created. 
Example: 1938

dcterms: Spatial

Direction: If the resource is associated with a specific place, provide GPS coordinates. You can search for coordinates using this website. Put the DD coordinates (separated by a ",") in Scalar's dcterms: spatial field. 
Example: 41.65606, 0.87734

dcterms: Format

Direction: A description of the physical format of the original resource.
Example: Audio recording, poster, interview, book, etc.

dcterms: Coverage

Direction: The spatial or temporal topic of the resource. For the purposes of this project select one of the following:
Options: Spanish Second Republic; Spanish Civil War; Spanish Exile; Franco Dictatorship; Spanish Transition and Democracy.

dcterms: Creator

Direction: Author, artist, and/or organization(s) responsible for the creation of the original resource. If there are multiple individuals and/or entities, use a ";" between each creator.
Example:  Generalitat de Catalunya

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