How To See Palestine: An ABC of Occupation

How To Use the ABC

What I've offered here is what I saw, arranged alphabetically and in thematic clusters, which can be understood from one entry or all. 

All text and photographs are by myself. Use and read how you will. Feel free to cite, quote and share under Creative Commons license.

The Alphabet is here if you want to select a single page to read, or read A-Z. The page may belong to a theme, in which case it will suggest where you might want to read next, or you can go back to the Alphabet. There are also thematic clusters that are visualized for navigation by tagging. A 'tag' means that the entry in the ABC has been linked to one of the themes. Tagging is a non-hierarchical way of indicating which pages belong to which theme.

Here are the themes:
Some of the pages in the clusters intersect and you can change direction if you want in the visualizations.
All the photographs can be accessed here if you just want to see them. The photographs are mostly of structures, landscapes, animals and objects--in other words, there are not many people. In part, that's my photographic taste. In part, too, I did not want to photograph people without their consent or to post pictures of Palestinians that might have consequences for them.

There are also specific themed photo galleries. These are also organized by tags and display as a set of thumbnails. Click on a photo and it will show you the image in full resolution and give you the context of its page:
There are of course many experts in the field like Ariella Azoulay, Gil Hochberg, Jasbir Puar, Helga Tawil-Souri, Eyal Weizman whose work can help you go further. These are my own impressions, offered because I think Palestine matters to all of us, expert or not. 

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