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Decade: 1950s

1950 March vol. 32, no. 1

W. L. HILDBURGH English Alabaster Tables of About the Third Quarter of the Fourteenth Century 1  
R. C. TAYLOR Francisco Hurtado and His School 25  
CLAY LANCASTER Adaptations from Greek Revival Builders' Guides in Kentucky 62  

P. BOSCH-GIMPERA The Chronology of Rock Paintings in Spain and in North Africa 71  

Book Reviews 77  

Letters to the Editor 88

List of Books Received 89  

Notes for Contributors 90

1950 June vol. 32, no. 2 

HELMUT SCHLUNK The Crosses of Oviedo: A Contribution to the History of Jewelry in Northern Spain in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries 91  
FREDERICK HARTT Lignum Vitae in Medio Paradisi: The Stanza d’Eliodoro and the Sistine Ceiling 115  

ALEXANDER C. SOPER Early Buddhist Attitudes Toward the Art of Painting 147  
ROBERT A. KOCH The Sculptures of the Church of Saint-Maurice at Vienne, the Biblia Pauperum and the Speculum Humanae Salvationis 151  

Book Reviews 157

List of Books Received 169

1950 September vol. 32, no. 3 

SELMA JÓNSDÓTTIR The Portal of Kilpeck Church: Its Place in English Romanesque Sculpture 171  
FREDERICK HARTT Lignum Vitae in Medio Paradisi: The Stanza d'Eliodoro and the Sistine Ceiling (cont'd.) 181  

ERWIN WALTER PALM A Vault with Cosmotheological Representations at the Imperial Monastery of the Dominicans on the Island of Hispaniola 219  
C. L. V. MEEKS Picturesque Eclecticism 226  

Book Reviews 237

Letters to the Editor 256

List of Books Received 257

1950 December vol. 32, no. 4 

Dedication to Charles Rufus Morey front matter, 3 unnumbered pages

CLARK D. LAMBERTON The Accidental Factor in Constituting Isolation in Early Christian Art 259  
GLANVILLE DOWNEY Justinian as a Builder 262  
ANDREW S. KECK Observations on the Iconography of Joshua 267  
DIMITRI TSELOS The Joshua Roll: Original or Copy? 275  
JOHN R. MARTIN An Early Illustration of The Sayings of the Fathers 291  
WILLIAM H. FORSYTH Provincial Roman Enamels Recently Acquired by The Metropolitan Museum of Art 296  
GEORGE H. FORSYTH, JR. St. Martin's at Angers and the Evolution of Early Mediaeval Church Towers 308
CARL D. SHEPPARD, JR. A Chronology of Romanesque Sculpture in Campania 319  
W. FREDERICK STOHLMAN The Star Group of Champlevé Enamels and Its Connections 327  
WALTER W. S. COOK Wooden Altar Frontals from Castile 331  
FRANKLIN M. BIEBEL The Angelot of Jean Barbet 336  

Bibliography of the Principal Publication of Charles Rufus Morey 345  

Index to Volume XXXII 350


1951 March vol. 33, no. 1 

SCHUYLER CAMMANN The Symbolism of the Cloud Collar Motif 1
EDWARD B. GARRISON Toward a New History of Early Lucchese Painting 11  
ERWIN PANOFSKY Two Roger Problems: The Donor of The Hague Lamentation and the Date of the Altarpiece of the Seven Sacraments 33  

EDGAR WIND Typology in the Sistine Ceiling: A Critical Statement 41  
RICHARD BERNHEIMER Some Drawings by Benedetto Castiglione 47  
RUDOLF BERLINER Two Contributions to the Criticism of Drawings Related to Decorative Art 51  

Book Reviews 57  

Letters to the Editor 70

List of Books Received 73

Notes for Contributors 75

1951 June vol. 33, no. 2 

ALEXANDER C. SOPER Notes on Hōryūji and the Sculpture of the Suikō Period 77  
MILLARD MEISS A New Early Duccio 95  
RUTH BERENSON KATZ John La Farge, Art Critic 105  

DAVID R. COFFIN Tintoretto and the Medici Tombs 119  
PAUL F. NORTON Latrobe and Old West at Dickinson College 125  

Book Reviews 133  

List of Books Received 151

1951 September vol. 33, no. 3 

ROSALIE B. GREEN The Flabellum of Hohenbourg 153  
LOUIS GRODECKI The Transept Portals of Chartres Cathedral: The Date of Their Construction According to Archaeological Data 156  
MARTIN S. SORIA Zurbarán's Altar of Saint Peter 165  
JAMES M. CARPENTER Cézanne and Tradition 174  

RANSOM R. PATRICK John Neagle, Portrait Painter, and Pat Lyon, Blacksmith 187  
BARBARA N. PARKER and JOHN F. TOWNSEND The Identity of Robert Feke Reconsidered in the Light of W. Phoenix Belknap's Notes 192  

Book Reviews 195  

List of Books Received 216

1951 December vol. 33, no. 4 

JOHN R. MARTIN The Death of Ephraim in Byzantine and Early Italian Painting 217  
JUSTUS BIER Riemenschneider’s St. Jerome and His Other Works in Alabaster 226  
MARILYN ARONBERG A New Facet of Leonardo's Working Procedure 235  
JOSEPH C. SLOANE Paul Chenavard 240  

ROBERT KOCH Geertgen Tot Sint Jans in Bruges 259  
WOLFGANG LOTZ Antonio Gentili or Manno Sbarri? 260  
FREDERICK HARTT Pagnini, Vigerio, and the Sistine Ceiling: A Reply 262  

Book Reviews 275  

List of Books Received 292  

Index to Volume XXXIII 292


1952 March vol. 34, no. 1 

MIRELLA LEVI D'ANCONA Amarāvatī, Ceylon, and Three Imported Bronzes 1  
RICHARD BERNHEIMER The Martyrdom of Isaiah 19  
CARL D. SHEPPARD, JR. A Stylistic Analysis of the Cloister of Monreale 35  

ALBERT BUSH-BROWN Giotto: Two Problems in the Origin of His Style 42  
BATES LOWRY Notes on the Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae and Related Publications 46  

Book Reviews 51  

List of Books Received 71  

Notes for Contributors 73

1952 June vol. 34, no. 2 

KATHI MEYER The Eight Gregorian Modes on the Cluny Capitals 75  
THEODOR E. MOMMSEN Petrarch and the Decoration of the Sala Virorum Illustrium in Padua 95  
ALAN GOWANS Thomas Baillairgé and the Québecois Tradition of Church Architecture 117  

RICHARD DELBRUECK Notes on the Wooden Doors of Santa Sabina 139  

Book Reviews 147

List of Books Received 172

1952 September vol. 34, no. 3 

CHARLES R. MOREY Castelseprio and the Byzantine Renaissance 173  
CREIGHTON GILBERT On Subject and Not-Subject in Italian Renaissance Pictures 202  
HAROLD E. WETHEY Alonso Cano's Drawings 217  

GLANVILLE DOWNEY Notes on the Topography of Constantinople 235  
E. A. LOWE The Uncial Gospel Leaves Attached to the Utrecht Psalter 237  

Book Reviews 239

List of Books Received 254

1952 December vol. 34, no. 4 

DIMITRI TSELOS Unique Portraits of the Evangelists in an English Gospel- Book of the Twelfth Century 257
CHANDLER R. POST Unpublished Early Spanish Paintings in American and English Collections 279  
CHARLES SEYMOUR, JR. A Group of Royal Portrait-Busts from the Reign of Louis XIV 285  
CLAY LANCASTER Oriental Contributions to Art Nouveau 297  

GERTRUDE COOR-ACHENBACH A Dispersed Polyptych by the Badia a Isola Master 311  

Book Reviews 317  

List of Books Received 343


1953 March vol. 35, no. 1 

K. A. C. CRESWELL Problems in Islamic Architecture 1  
OTTO G. VON SIMSON Compassio and Co-redemptio in Roger van der Weyden's Descent from the Cross 9  
CARROLL L. V. MEEKS Romanesque Before Richardson in the United States 17  
FRITZ NOVOTNY Reflections on a Drawing by Van Gogh 34  

MIRELLA LEVI D’ANCONA The Bust of Antonio Galli in the Frick Collection 45  
KENNETH LINDSAY The Genesis and Meaning of the Cover Design for the First Blaue Reiter Exhibition Catalogue 47  
MILLARD MEISS Trecento Scramble 52  

Book Reviews 57  

Letters to the Editor 85  

List of Books Received 87  

Notes for Contributors 89  

Index to Volume XXXIV 91

1953 June vol. 35, no. 2 

PAUL FRANKL The Crazy Vaults of Lincoln Cathedral 95  
E. B. GARRISON A Lucchese Passionary Related to the Sarzana Crucifix 109  
VINCENT J. SCULLY, JR. Romantic Rationalism and the Expression of Structure in Wood: Downing, Wheeler, Gardner, and the Stick Style, 1840-1876 121  

GLANVILLE DOWNEY The Dating of the Syrian Liturgical Silver Treasure in the Cleveland Museum 143  
RUDOLF BERLINER A Relief of the Nativity and a Group from an Adoration of the Magi 145  

Book Reviews 152

Letters to the Editor 175  

List of Books Received 178

1953 September vol. 35, no. 3 

GALE GUTHRIE CALLAHAN Revaluation of the Refectory Retable from the Cathedral at Pamplona 181  
JOSEPH A. BAIRD Eighteenth Century Retables of the Bajío, Mexico: The Querétaro Style 195  
CLAY LANCASTER Japanese Buildings in the United States Before 1900: Their Influence upon American Domestic Architecture 217  

W. PHOENIX BELKNAP Feke and Smibert: A Note on Two Portraits 225  
DENIS MAHON Art Theory and Artistic Practice in the Early Seicento: Some Clarifications 226  

Book Reviews 233  

Letters to the Editor 257

List of Books Received 265

1953 December vol. 35, no. 4 

LOTTE BRAND PHILIP The Prado Epiphany by Jerome Bosch 267  
MICHEL N. BENISOVICH Drawings of the Sculptor Augustin Pajou in the United States 295  

WALTER W. S. COOK The Wooden Altar Frontal from Buira 299  
E. TIETZE-CONRAT A Sheet of Raphael Drawings for the Judgment of Paris 300  
I. L. ZUPNICK The Aesthetics of the Early Mannerists 302  

Book Reviews 307  

Letters to the Editor 329  

List of Books Received 331  

Index to Volume XXXV 333


1954 March vol. 36, no. 1 

MICHAEL SULLIVAN Pictorial Art and the Attitude Toward Nature in Ancient China 1  
KATHI MEYER St. Job as a Patron of Music 21  
GEORGE LEVITINE The Influence of Lavater and Girodet's Expression des Sentiments de L’Ame 33
WALLACE S. BALDINGER Takeuchi Seihō: Painter of Post-Meiji Japan 45  

ERWIN ROSENTHAL The Crib of Greccio and Franciscan Realism 57  
DAVID G. CARTER Reflections in Armor in the Canon Van de Paele Madonna 60
FRANZ LANDSBERGER Rembrandt and Josephus 62  

Book Reviews 65  

Letters to the Editor 85  

List of Books Received 87

Notes for Contributors 89

1954 June vol. 36, no. 2 

TORGIL MAGNUSON The Project of Nicholas V for Rebuilding the Borgo Leonino in Rome 89  
CECIL GOULD Leonardo's Great Battle-Piece A Conjectural Reconstruction 117  
LORENZ EITNER Two Rediscovered Landscapes by Géricault and the Chronology of His Early Work 131  

Book Reviews 143

Letters to the Editor 167  

List of Books Received 171

1954 September vol. 36, no. 3 

MEHMET AGA-OGLU Remarks on the Character of Islamic Art 175  
N. ALLEN PATTILLO, JR. Botticelli as a Colorist 203

MILLARD MEISS Addendum Ovologicum 221  
E. TIETZE-CONRAT The Church Program of Michelangelo's Medici Church 222  
CHARLOTTE HEATON-SESSIONS Drawings Attributed to Correggio at the Metropolitan Museum of Art 224  
BERNICE F. DAVIDSON Vasari's Deposition in Arezzo 228  

Book Reviews 233  

List of Books Received 249

1954 December vol. 36, no. 4 

ELIZABETH ROSENBAUM The Andrews Diptych and Some Related Ivories 253  
RICHARD BERNHEIMER Gothic Survival and Revival in Bologna 263  
WINSTON WEISMAN Commercial Palaces of New York: I845-1875 285

Book Reviews 304

List of Books Received 319

Index to Volume XXXVI 323


1955 March vol. 37, no. 1 

ALEXANDER C. SOPER The Illustrative Method of the Tokugawa Genji Pictures 1  
ARNOLFO B. FERRUOLO Botticelli's Mythologies, Ficino's De Amore, Poliziano's Stanze per la Giostra: Their Circle of Love 17  
J. B. BURY The Borrominesque Churches of Colonial Brazil 27

WOLFGANG STECHOW Shooting at Father's Corpse: A Note on the Hazards of Faulty Iconography 55  
GEORGE LEVITINE Literary Sources of Goya's Capricho 43 56

Book Reviews 61  

Letters to the Editor 79

List of Books Received 82  

Notes for Contributors 83

1955 June vol. 37, no. 2 

MARILYN ARONBERG LAVIN Giovannino Battista: A Study in Renaissance Religious Symbolism 85  
JUSTUS BIER Riemenschneider as a Goldsmith's Model Maker 103  
OTTO J. BRENDEL Borrowings from Ancient Art in Titian 113  
JEAN S. BOGGS Edgar Degas and the Bellellis 127 

Book Reviews 137

List of Books Received 151

1955 September vol. 37, no. 3 

GERTRUDE COOR-ACHENBACH Contributions to the Study of Ugolino di Nerio's Art 153  
DAVID R. COFFIN Pirro Ligorio and Decoration of the Late Sixteenth Century at Ferrara 167  
JAMES GRADY Nature and the Art Nouveau 187  

KARL LEHMANN Sta. Costanza 193  
CHRISTINE OZAROWSKA KIBISH Lucas Cranach's Christ Blessing the Children: A Problem of Lutheran Iconography 196
KARL KIRALIS A Possible Revision in Blake's Jerusalem 203  

Book Reviews 205

Letters to the Editor 235

List of Books Received 238

1955 December vol. 37, no. 4 

RENSSELAER W. LEE Charles Rufus Morey, 1877-1955 iii-vii

FOLKE NORDSTRÖM Peterborough, Lincoln, and the Science of Robert Grosseteste: A Study in Thirteenth Century Architecture and Iconography 241  
JOHN R. SPENCER Spatial Imagery of the Annunciation in Fifteenth Century Florence 273  
LORENZ EITNER The Open Window and the Storm-Tossed Boat: An Essay in the Iconography of Romanticism 281  

KARL LEHMANN Sta. Costanza: An Addendum 291  

Book Reviews 293

Lists of Books Received 305  

Index to Volume XXXVII 307


1956 March vol. 38, no. 1 

DIMITRI TSELOS A Greco-Italian School of Illuminators and Fresco Painters: Its Relation to the Principal Reims Manuscripts and to the Greek Frescoes in Rome and Castelseprio 1  
CORNELIUS C. VERMEULE The Dal Pozzo-Albani Drawings of Classical Antiquities 31  
M. ROY FISHER Assisi, Padua, and the Boy in the Tree 47  

Book Reviews 53  

List of Books Received 71

Note to Contributors 73

1956 June vol. 38, no. 2 

BERTA SEGALL Notes on the Iconography of Cosmic Kingship 75  
ELIZABETH ROSENBAUM The Evangelist Portraits of the Ada School and their Models 81  
JOHN RUPERT MARTIN Immagini della Virtù: The Paintings of the Camerino Farnese 91  
THEODORE SIZER Col. John Trumbull's Works: A Final Report 113  

GERTRUDE COOR-ACHENBACH The Missing Panel from a Dispersed Polyptych by the Badia a Isola Master 119  

Book Reviews 121

List of Books Received 135

1956 September vol. 38, no. 3 

WILLIAM S. A. DALE An English Crosier of the Transitional Period 137  
ROSALIND GRIPPI A Sixteenth Century Bozzetto 143  
HEREWARD LESTER COOKE, JR. The Documents Relating to the Fountain of Trevi 149  
GEORGE EHRLICH Chautauqua 1880-1900: Education in Art History and Appreciation 175  

JAMES R. JOHNSON Modern and Mediaeval Stained Glass: A Microscopic Comparison of Two Fragments 185  

Exhibition Reviews
MILLARD MEISS The Exhibition of French Manuscripts of the XIII-XVI Centuries at the Bibliothèque Nationale 187  

Book Reviews 197  

List of Books Received 205

1956 December vol. 38, no. 4 

DOROTHY C. SHORR The Role of the Virgin in Giotto's Last Judgment 207  
JUSTUS BIER St. Andrew in the Work of Tilmann Riemenschneider 215  
RICHARD BERNHEIMER Theatrum Mundi 225  
MICHEL N. BENISOVICH The Drawings of Stradanus (Jan van der Straeten) in The Cooper Union Museum for the Arts of Decoration, New York 249  

Book Reviews 253  

List of Books Received 265  

Index to Volume XXXVIII 267


1957 March vol. 39, no. 1 

ELAINE P. LOEFFLER A Famous Antique: A Roman Sarcophagus at The Los Angeles Museum 1  
JAMES D. BRECKENRIDGE Et Prima Vidit: The Iconography of the Appearance of Christ to His Mother 9  
PAUL FRANKL The Chronology of Chartres Cathedral 33  
MARVIN J. EISENBERG An Early Altarpiece by Lorenzo Monaco 49  
CARLA GOTTLIEB The Brussels Version of the Mérode Annunciation 53  

ROBERT BRANNER Three Problems from the Villard de Honnecourt Manuscript 61

Book Reviews 67  

Letters to the Editor 81

List of Books Received 83  

Notes for Contributors 85

1957 June vol. 39, no. 2 

DIMITRI TSELOS The Influence of the Utrecht Psalter in Carolingian Art 87  
LILIAN M. C. RANDALL Exempla as a Source of Gothic Marginal Illumination 97  
CHARLES D. CUTTLER The Lisbon Temptation of St. Anthony by Jerome Bosch 109  
PETER SELZ The Aesthetic Theories of Wassily Kandinsky and Their Relationship to the Origin of Non-Objective Painting 127  

HOWARD HIBBARD A Representation of Fides by Ambrogio Lorenzetti 137  
JERROLD ZIFF The Reconstruction of an Altarpiece by Andrea Vanni 138  
EDWARD R. DE ZURKO Alberti's Theory of Form and Function 142  

Book Reviews 147  

List of Books Received 169

1957 September vol. 39, no. 3 

WILLIAM H. FORSYTH The Virgin and Child in French Fourteenth Century Sculpture: A Method of Classification 171  
CARMEN GÓMEZ-MORENO A Reconstructed Panel by Fra Angelico and Some New Evidence for the Chronology of his Work 183  
DELPHINE FITZ DARBY Ribera and the Blind Men 195  

JOSEFA WEITZMANN-FIEDLER A Pyramus and Thisbe Bowl in the Princeton Museum 219
JAMES R. JOHNSON Stained Glass and Imitation Gems 221  
RACHEL WISCHNITZER Rembrandt, Callot, and Tobias Stimmer 224  
JOHN M. STEADMAN The Iconographical Background of Quarles’ Flesh and Spirit 231  

Book Reviews 233  

List of Books Received 249

1957 December vol. 39, no. 4 

PAUL F. NORTON The Lost Sleeping Cupid of Michelangelo 251  
FRANCIS H. DOWLEY D’Angiviller’s Grands Hommes and the Significant Moment 259  
ROBERT ROSENBLUM The Origin of Painting: A Problem in the Iconography of Romantic Classicism 279

RICHARD PAUL WUNDER Addenda to Elaine Loeffler’s A Famous Antique 291  
MEYER SCHAPIRO Notes on Castelseprio 292
PAUL FRANKL Unnoticed Fragments of Old Stained Glass in Notre-Dame de Paris 299  
PHILIPP FEHL Questions of Identity in Veronese's Christ and the Centurion 301 
ROBERT ENGGASS Bernini, Gaulli, and the Frescoes of the Gesù 303  

Book Reviews 307

List of Books Received 323  

Index to Volume XXXIX 325


1958 March vol. 40, no. 1 

JOHN BECKWITH The Werden Casket Reconsidered 1  
JULES DESNEUX Underdrawings and Pentimenti in the Pictures of Jan Van Eyck 13  
W. HERRMANN Antoine Desgodets and the Académie Royale d'Architecture 23  
HERSCHEL B. CHIPP Orphism and Color Theory 55  

EMMERICH AND CHRISTA BACK-VEGA A Lost Masterpiece by Caravaggio 65
BEATRICE FARWELL Sources for Delacroix's Death of Sardanapalus 66  
JOHN COOLIDGE Wilhelm Lehmbruck’s Walking Girl 71  

Book Reviews 75  

List of Books Received 92  

Notes for Contributors 93

1958 June vol. 40, no. 2 

WALTER SPINK On the Development of Early Buddhist Art in India 95  
PIETER SINGELENBERG The Iconography of the Etschmiadzin Diptych and the Healing of the Blind Man at Siloe 105  
HOWARD SAALMAN Filippo Brunelleschi: Capital Studies 113  
JULIUS S. HELD Le Roi à la Ciasse 139  

ELIZABETH M. HAJÓS The Concept of an Engravings Collection in the Year 1565: Quicchelberg, Inscriptiones vel Tituli Theatri Amplissimi 151  
ROBERT L. HERBERT Seurat and Jules Chéret 156  

Reviews 159  

Letters to the Editor 170  

Erratum 170  

List of Books Received 171

1958 September vol. 40, no. 3 

MIRELLA LEVI D’ANCONA Some New Attributions to Lorenzo Monaco 175
JOHN WHITE and JOHN SHEARMAN Raphael's Tapestries and Their Cartoons: I. The Tapestries 193  
MARY ANNE GRAEVE The Stone of Unction in Caravaggio's Painting for the Chiesa Nuova 223  
CLAY LANCASTER The American Bungalow 239  

CLARENCE KENNEDY Niccolo Pisano and the Silver Altar at Pistoia 255  
HENRY MILLON The Architectural Theory of Francesco di Giorgio 257  

Book Reviews 263  

List of Books Received 275

1958 December vol. 40, no. 4 

PRUDENCE R. MYER The Great Temple at Bodh-Gayā 277  
JOHN WHITE and JOHN SHEARMAN Raphael's Tapestries and their Cartoons, II: The Frescoes in the Stanze and the Problem of Composition in the Tapestries and Cartoons 299

MICHAEL JAFFÉ Rubens and Giulio Romano at Mantua 325  
GEORGE LEVITINE Addenda to Robert Rosenblum's “The Origin of Painting: A Problem in the Iconography of Romantic Classicism” 329  
R. R. WARK Thicknesse and Gainsborough: Some New Documents 331  
F. SCHMID Some Observations on Artists' Palettes 334  
HANS NAEF Ingres’ Portraits of the Marcotte Family 336  

Book Reviews 347  

Letters to the Editor 374  

List of Books Received 375  

Index to Volume XL 379


1959 March vol. 41, no. 1 

CHARLES SEYMOUR, JR. The Younger Masters of the First Campaign of the Porta della Mandorla, 1391-1397 1  
IRVING LAVIN The Sources of Donatello's Pulpits in San Lorenzo 19
PHYLLIS WILLIAMS LEHMANN Theodosius or Justinian? A Renaissance Drawing of a Byzantine Rider 39  
PAUL D. KNABENSHUE Ancient and Mediaeval Elements in Mantegna's Trial of St. James 59  
CREIGHTON GILBERT The Archbishop on the Painters of Florence, 1450 75  
HOWARD SAALMAN Early Renaissance Architectural Theory and Practice in Antonio Filarete's Trattato di Architettura 89  

Book Reviews 108

Letters to the Editor 127

List of Books Received 131

Notes for Contributors 133

1959 June vol. 41, no. 2 
DIMITRI TSELOS English Manuscript Illustration and the Utrecht Psalter 137  
MICHELANGELO MURARO Domenico Veneziano at San Tarasio 151  
FREDERICK HARTT The Earliest Works of Andrea del Castagno: Part One 159  
LEO STEINBERG Observations in the Cerasi Chapel 183  

RENÉE ARB A Reappraisal of the Boston Museum's Duccio 191  
ALAIN DE LEIRIS Manet’s Christ Scourged and the Problem of His Religious Paintings 198  

Book Reviews 203  

Letter to the Editor 222  

List of Books Received 223

1959 September vol. 41, no. 3 

FREDERICK HARTT The Earliest Works of Andrea del Castagno: Part Two 225  
DONALD POSNER Charles LeBrun's Triumphs of Alexander 237  

HILDEGARDE GIESS The Sculpture of the Cloister of Santa Sofia in Benevento 249  
VIRGINIA WYLIE EGBERT The Portal of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Higham Ferrers 256  
JAMES H. STUBBLEBINE An Altarpiece by Guido da Siena 260  

CARROLL WINSLOW BRENTANO A 1526 Cellini Letter 269  

Book Reviews 271  

List of Books Received 281

1959 December vol. 41, no. 4 

HELEN I. ROBERTS St. Augustine in St. Jerome's Study: Carpaccio’s Painting and Its Legendary Source 283  
EDWARD E. LOWINSKY Epilogue: The Music in St. Jerome's Study 298  
PATRICIA EGAN Poesia and the Fête Champêtre 303  
BERNICE DAVIDSON Drawings by Perino del Vaga for the Palazzo Doria, Genoa 315  

MEYER SCHAPIRO A Note on the Mérode Altarpiece 327  
JOHN R. SPENCER The Dome of Sforzinda Cathedral 328  
DAVID IRWIN James Barry, and the Death of Wolfe in 1759 330  

Book Reviews 333  

Letters to the Editor 351

List of Books Received 359  

Index to Volume XLI 363
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