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Publishing The Art Bulletin

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Decade: 1960s

1960 March vol. 42, no. 1 

TERESA G. FRISCH The Twelve Choir Statues of the Cathedral at Reims: Their Stylistic and Chronological Relations to the Sculpture of the North Transept and of the West Façade 1 
LILIAN M. C. RANDALL A Mediaeval Slander 25 
JAMES E. SNYDER The Early Haarlem School of Painting: 1. Ouwater and the Master of the Tiburtine Sibyl 39 

ERNST H. KANTOROWICZ The Archer in the Ruthwell Cross 57 
F. HAMILTON HAZLEHURST The Artistic Evolution of David's Oath 59 
EVERARD M. UPJOHN A Minor Poet Meets Hiram Powers 63

Book Reviews 67 

Errata 81 

List of Books Received 83

Notes for Contributors 85

1960 June vol. 42., no 2 

KARL SCHEFOLD Origins of Roman Landscape Painting 87 
MILLARD MEISS Toward a More Comprehensive Renaissance Palaeography 97 
JAMES E. SNYDER The Early Haarlem School of Painting: II. Geertgen Tot Sint Jans 113 
ALBERTO MARTINI The Early Work of Bartolomeo della Gatta 133 

GERTRUDE COOR-ACHENBACH The Early Nineteenth-CenturyAspect of a Dispersed Polyptych by the Badia a Isola Master 143 

Reviews 145 

Letter to the Editor 168 

List of Books Received 169

1960 September vol. 42, no. 3 

WEN FONG The Problem of Ch'ien Hsuan 173 
W. HERRMANN The Problem of Chronology in Claude-Nicolas Ledoux's Engraved Work 191 

JACQUES GUILMAIN Interlace Decoration and the Influence of the North on Mozarabic Illumination 211 
ROBERT M. WALKER The Demon of the Portinari Altarpiece 218
RICHARD PAUL WUNDER Castiglione Pen Drawings in the Cooper Union Museum 219

Book Reviews 225

List of Books Received 239

1960 December vol. 42, no. 4 

KYLE M. PHILLIPS, JR. Subject and Technique in Hellenistic-Roman Mosaics: A Ganymede Mosaic from Sicily 243 
HORST DE LA CROIX Military Architecture and the Radial City Plan in Sixteenth Century Italy 263 

HELEN J. DOW Two Italian Portrait-Busts of Henry VIII 291 
ANDREW CIECHANOWIECKI Notes on the Ownership of Rembrandt's Polish Rider 294 
LEE JOHNSON The Etruscan Sources of Delacroix’s Death of Sardanapalus 296

Book Review 301

List of Books Received 313

Letters to the Editor 315


1961 March vol. 43, no. 1 

KARL M. BIRKMEYER The Arch Motif in Netherlandish Painting of the Fifteenth Century: Part One 1  
PAMELA ASKEW The Parable Paintings of Domenico Fetti 21  

CLARENCE KENNEDY The Selection of Copy for Illustrations 47  
PAUL FRANKL Reconsiderations on the Chronology of Chartres Cathedral 51  
JACK WASSERMAN Palazzo Spada 58  

Book Reviews 65

List of Books Received 79

Notes for Contributors 80  

1961 June vol. 43, no. 2 

MIRELLA LEVI D'ANCONA Bartolomeo di Fruosino 81  
KARL M. BIRKMEYER The Arch Motif in Netherlandish Painting of the Fifteenth Century: A Study in Changing Religious Imagery, Part Two 99  
CARROLL L. V. MEEKS The Real Liberty of Italy: The Stile Floreale 113  

ROBERT BRANNER Jean D' Orbais and the Cathedral of Reims 131  
DWIGHT C. MILLER Important Drawings by Marcantonio Franceschini at Cooper Union 132  
JOHN WALKER MCCOUBREY Gros' Battle of Eylau and Roman Imperial Art 135  

Book Reviews 141  

Erratum 167

List of Books Received 168

1961 September vol. 43, no. 3 

WILLIAM C. LOERKE The Miniatures of the Trial in the Rossano Gospels 171  
CURTIS SHELL The Early Style of Fra Filippo Lippi and the Prato Master 197  
ROBERT KLEIN Pomponius Gauricus on Perspective 211  

TH WARREN HOFFMAN Some Engravings Executed by the Master E.S. for the Benedictine Monastery at Einsiedeln 231  
CHARLES I. MINOTT A Group of Stained-Glass Roundels at The Cloisters 237  

Book Reviews 241

List of Books Received 259

1961 December vol. 43, no. 4 

MICHELANGELO MURARO The Statutes of the Venetian Arti and the Mosaics of the Mascoli Chapel 263  
A. RICHARD TURNER Two Landscapes in Renaissance Rome 275  
HOWARD HIBBARD The Early History of Sant'Andrea della Valle 289  

MARILYN ARONBERG LAVIN Giovannino Battista: A Supplement 319  
GERALD ACKERMAN Gian Battista Marino's Contribution to Seicento Art Theory 326  

Book Reviews 337  

List of Books Received 357  

Letters to the Editor 359  

Index to Volume XLIII 363


1962 March vol. 44, no. 1 

IRVING LAVIN The House of the Lord: Aspects of the Role of Palace Triclinia in the Architecture of Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages 1  
PAUL FRANKL Lincoln Cathedral 29  
ROBERT BRANNER Paris and the Origins of Rayonnant Gothic Architecture Down to 1240 39

MARCIA ALLENTUCK Haydon's Christ's Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem: An Unpublished Letter 53  
HAROLD E. DICKSON Barnard and Norway 55  

Reviews 61  

Letter to the Editor 82

Errata 82

List of Books Received 83

Notes for Contributors 85

1962 June vol. 44, no. 2 

DAVID IRWIN Gavin Hamilton: Archaeologist, Painter, and Dealer 87  
GEORGE P. MRAS Literary Sources of Delacroix's Conception of the Sketch and the Imagination 103  
THEODORE REFF Cézanne, Flaubert, St. Anthony, and the Queen of Sheba 113  

FELTON GIBBONS Giovanni Bellini and Rocco Marconi 127  
MAURICE L. SHAPIRO Renaissance or Neo-Classic? A Forgery After the Antique Reconsidered 131  

Book Reviews 137

List of Books Received 153

Documents 155

Letters to the Editor 168

1962 September vol. 44, no. 3 

TIMOTHY K. KITAO Prejudice in Perspective: A Study of Vignola's Perspective Treatise 173  
JOSÉ GUDIOL Iconography and Chronology in El Greco's Paintings of St. Francis 195  
ALFRED MOIR Alonzo Rodriguez 205  
FRANCIS H. DOWLEY Some Drawings by Benedetto Luti 219  

LAWRENCE D. STEEFEL, JR. An Unnoticed Detail in Petrus Christus' Nativity in the National Gallery, Washington 237  
EUGENE B. CANTELUPE The Anonymous Triumph of Venus in the Louvre: An Early Italian Renaissance Example of Mythological Disguise 238

Book Reviews 243  

Letters to the Editor 253

List of Books Received 257

1962 December vol. 44, no. 4 

WALTER HORN (TEXT) and ERNEST BORN (DRAWINGS) Two Timbered Mediaeval Churches of Cheshire: St. James and St. Paul at Marton and St. Oswald at Lower Peover 263  
DELPHINE FITZ DARBY Ribera and the Wise Men 279  
HERWIN SCHAEFER Tiffany's Fame in Europe 309  

KARL M. BIRKMEYER Notes on the Two Earliest Paintings by Rogier van der Weyden 329  
ANNE COFFIN HANSON A Group of Marine Paintings by Manet 332  

Book Reviews 337

List of Books Received 369  

Letters to the Editor 372  

Index to Volume XLIV 375


1963 March 45, vol. 32, no. 1 

DARIO COVI Lettering in Fifteenth Century Florentine Painting 1  
URSULA SCHLEGEL Observations on Masaccio's Trinity Fresco in Santa Maria Novella 19  
ANNE MARKHAM Desiderio da Settignano and the Workshop of Bernardo Rossellino 35  

MILLARD MEISS Notes on Three Linked Sienese Styles 47  
DON DENNY The Trinity in Enguerrand Quarton's Coronation of the Virgin 48  
PRISCILLA E. MULLER An Unpublished Drawing by Francisco Pacheco 52  
FELTON GIBBONS New Evidence for the Birth Dates of Gentile and Giovanni Bellini 54  

Letter to the Editor 59

Book Reviews 61

List of Books Received 85

1963 June vol. 45, no. 2 

R. A. CORDINGLEY Stokesay Castle, Shropshire: The Chronology of its Buildings 91
CHARLES G. DEMPSEY Poussin and Egypt 109  
JAMES R. JOHNSON The Stained Glass Theories of Viollet-Le-Duc 121  

MAURICE L. SHAPIRO Donatello's Genietto 135  
M. B. MC NAMEE, S.J Further Symbolism in the Portinari Altarpiece 142  
MILTON J. LEWINE The Sources of Rubens' Miracles of St. Ignatius 143  
THEODORE REFF Cezanne's Dream of Hannibal 148  

Book Reviews 153

List of Books Received 171

Letters to the Editor 173

1963 September vol. 45, no. 3 

KURT WEITZMANN Thirteenth Century Crusader Icons on Mount Sinai 179  
JACK WASSERMAN The Quirinal Palace in Rome 205  

OLGA KOSELEFF GORDON Two Unusual Calendar Cycles of the Fourteenth Century 245  
S. J. FREEDBERG Drawings for Sabastiano or Drawings by Sebastiano: The Problem Reconsidered 253  
HOWARD S. MERRITT The Legend of St. Achatius: Bachiacca, Perino, Pontormo 258  
JOHN RUPERT MARTIN The Butcher's Shop of the Carracci 263  
GEORGE P. MRAS Ut Pictura Musica: A Study of Delacroix's Paragone 266  
DAVID GEBHARD The Problem of Space in the Ottoman Mosque 271

Book Reviews 277

List of Books Received 297

1963 December vol. 45, no. 4 

PAUL FRANKL The Chronology of the Stained Glass in Chartres Cathedral 301  
GIAMPIERO BORLINI The Façade of the Certosa in Pavia 323  
IRIS H. CHENEY Francesco Salviati's North Italian Journey 337  

MEYER SCHAPIRO The Bowman and the Bird on the Ruthwell Cross and Other Works: The Interpretation of Secular Themes in Early Mediaeval Religious Art 351  
ROBERT BRANNER A Note on Pierre de Montreuil and Saint-Denis 355
THOMAS F. MATHEWS, S.J. Piero di Cosimo's Discovery of Honey 357  
MALCOLM CAMPBELL An Antique Source for an Early Drawing by Pietro da Cortona 360  
JOSÉ LÓPEZ-REY A Portrait of Philip IV by Juan Bautista Maino 361  
ALBERT ALHADEFF Michelangelo and the Early Rodin 363  

Book Reviews 369

List of Books Received 397

Letters to the Editor 399

Index to Volume XLV 403


1964 March vol. 46, no. 1 

MILLARD MEISS The Art Bulletin at Fifty 1  
R. W. LIGHTBOWN Correggio and Begarelli: A Study in Correggio Criticism 7  
DORA WIEBENSON Subjects from Homer's Iliad in Neoclassical Art 23  
JOHN W. McCOUBREY The Revival of Chardin in French Still-Life Painting, 1850-1870 39
SARA LICHTENSTEIN Cézanne and Delacroix 55  

VIRGINIA WYLIE EGBERT St. Nicholas: The Fasting Child 69  
ROBERT A. KOCH Flower Symbolism in the Portinari Altar 70  
JESSIE POESCH Sources for Two Dürer Enigmas 78  
STEPHEN E. OSTROW Annibale Carracci and the Jason Frescoes: Toward an Internal Chronology 86  
GUY WALTON Pierre Puget's Projects for the Church of Santa Maria Assunta di Carignano 89

Book Reviews 95

Letters to the Editor 119  

List of Books Received 121  

Note to Contributors 124

1964 June vol. 46, no. 2 

SHEILA EDMUNDS The Missals of Felix V and Early Savoyard Illumination 127  
EDITH A. STANDEN The Sujets de la Fable Gobelins Tapestries 143  
EDGAR KAUFMANN, JR. Memmo's Lodoli 159  
SEYMOUR HOWARD Boy on a Dolphin: Nollekens and Cavaceppi 177  
FREDERICK CUMMINGS Charles Bell and The Anatomy of Expression 191  

ARCHER ST. CLAIR The Apotheosis Diptych 205  
JOSEPH POLZER The Lucca Reliefs and Nicola Pisano 211  
EVERETT P. FAHY, JR. New Evidence for Dating Giovanni Bellini's Coronation of the Virgin 216  
EUGENE B. CANTELUPE Titian's Sacred and Profane Love Re-examined 218  
CHIARA PERINA Some Unpublished Paintings by Giuseppe Bazzani 227  
AMALIA BARIGOZZI BRINI Five Unpublished Drawings by Carlo Carloni 231  
ADOLPH S. CAVALLO John Baptist Jackson in Scotland 233

Book Reviews 239

List of Books Received 267

1964 September vol. 46, no. 3 

DAVID W. SCOTT A Restoration of the West Portal Relief Decoration of Saint-Sernin of Toulouse 271  
MOJMÎR S. FRINTA The Master of the Gerona Martyrology and Bohemian Illumination 283  
TRUDE KRAUTHEIMER-HESS More Ghibertiana 307  
CHARLES SEYMOUR, JR. Dark Chamber and Light-Filled Room: Vermeer and the Camera Obscura 323  
GORDON HENDRICKS The First Three Western Journeys of Albert Bierstadt 333  

MAURICE L. SHAPIRO The Virtues and Vices in Ambrogio Lorenzetti's Franciscan Martyrdom 367  
ANNE MARKHAM TELPAZ Some Antique Motifs in Trecento Art 372  
MARVIN B. BECKER Notes on the Monte Holdings of Florentine Trecento Painters 376  
LEONETTO TINTORI and MILLARD MEISS Additional Observations on Italian Mural Technique 377  
TADEUSZ DOBRZENIECKI The Toruń Quinity in the National Museum in Warsaw 380  
HOWARD SAALMAN The Authorship of the Pazzi Palace 388  
WEBSTER SMITH Giulio Clovio and the Maniera di Figure Piccole 395  
ALAIN DE LEIRIS Manet, Guéroult and Chrysippos 401

Book Reviews 405

Letters to the Editor 425  

List of Books Received 431

1964 December vol. 46, no. 4 

RAMSAY MACMULLEN Some Pictures in Ammianus Marcellinus 435  
JOSEPH POLZER Aristotle, Mohammed and Nicholas V in Hell 457  
HOWARD SAALMAN Santa Maria del Fiore: 1294-1418 471  
JACK WASSERMAN Giacomo della Porta's Church for the Sapienza in Rome and Other Matters Relating to the Palace 501  
JAN BIALOSTOCKI The Descent from the Cross in Works by Peter Paul Rubens and His Studio 511  

MOJMÍR S. FRINTA A Note on Theophilus, Maker of Many Wonderful Things 525  
MICHAEL MALLORY Toward a Chronology for Paolo di Giovanni Fei 529  
EGON VERHEYEN An Iconographic Note on Altdorfer's Visitation in the Cleveland Museum of Art 536  
LAUREN SOTH Two Paintings by Correggio 539  
EARL E. ROSENTHAL Michelangelo's Moses, dal di sotto in sù 544  
BERNICE F. DAVIDSON Introducing Michaeli Grechi Lucchese 550  
THEODORE REFF Copyists in the Louvre, 1850-1870 552  
JEAN C. HARRIS A Little-known Essay on Manet by Stéphane Mallarmé 559

Book Reviews 565

Letters to the Editor 589  

List of Books Received 591  

Index to Volume XLVI 593


1965 March vol. 47, no. 1 

EDWARD GILBERT Brixworth and the English Basilica 1  
MILLARD MEISS An Illuminated Inferno and Trecento Painting in Pisa 21 
JAMES H. TURNURE The Late Style of Ambrogio Figino 35  
FRANCIS H. DOWLEY Carlo Maratti, Carlo Fontana, and the Baptismal Chapel in Saint Peter's 57  
KENNETH WOODBRIDGE Henry Hoare's Paradise 83  

GUNTHER NEUFELD On the Genesis of the Madonna del Sacco 117  
WALTER FRIEDLAENDER Titian and Pordenone 118  
PAMELA ASKEW A Melancholy Astronomer by Giovanni Serodine 121  
WILLIAM A. CAMFIELD Juan Gris and the Golden Section 128  

Book Reviews 135

List of Books Received 149

Notes to Contributors 152

1965 June vol. 47, no. 2 

FREDERICK A. COOPER A Reconstruction of Duccio's Maestà 155  
GUSTINA SCAGLIA Three Renaissance Drawings of Church Façades 173
S. J. FREEDBERG Observations on the Painting of the Maniera 187
MILTON J. LEWINE Vignola's Church of Sant'Anna de' Palafrenieri in Rome 199  
CARL GOLDSTEIN Studies in Seventeenth Century French Art Theory and Ceiling Painting 231

ROBERT L. MC GRATH The Martyrdom of the Maccabees on the Brescia Casket 257
MOJMÍR FRINTA An Investigation of the Punched Decoration of Mediaeval Italian and Non-Italian Panel Paintings 261
ALBERT BOIME Seurat and Piero della Francesca 265  

Book Reviews 273  

Letters to the Editor 307

List of Books Received 311

1965 September vol. 47, no. 3 

RAB HATFIELD Five Early Renaissance Portraits 315  
JAMES H. BECK Niccolò dell' Arca: A Reexamination 335  
IRVING L. ZUPNICK Pontormo's Early Style 345  

PÁL KELEMEN El Greco's Roman Catholicism: A Document Reconsidered 355  
GUY WALTON Some Unnoticed Works by Pierre Puget 356  

Book Reviews 361

Letters to the Editor 397  

List of Books Received 403

1965 December vol. 47, no. 4 

SEYMOUR SLIVE An Unpublished Head of Christ by Rembrandt 407  
STAALE SINDING-LARSEN Palladio's Redentore, a Compromise in Composition 419  
GEORGE KUBLER Vicente Carducho's Allegories of Painting 439  
ROBERT L. ALEXANDER Courbet and Assyrian Sculpture 447  
RONALD MARTIN STEINBERG The Iconography of the Teatro dell'Acqua at the Villa Aldobrandini 453  
CURTIS SHELL Francesco d'Antonio and Masaccio 465  
RICHARD W. WALLACE The Genius of Salvator Rosa 471  
SAMUEL Y. EDGERTON, JR. The Murder of Jane McCrea: The Tragedy of an American Tableau d'Histoire 481  

FELTON GIBBONS Two Allegories by Dosso for the Court of Ferrara 493  
BERNHARD KERBER Designs for Sculpture by Andrea Pozzo 499  
JAMES F. O'GORMAN An Interpretation of Andrea del Sarto's Bogherini Holy Family 502  
WALTER S. GIBSON A New Identification for a Panel by the St. Barbara Master 504  
PHYLLIS DEARBORN MASSAR Source of a Rare École de Fontainebleau Etching 506  
HENRI ZERNER Observations on Dupérac and the Disegni de le Ruine di Roma e Come Anticamente Erono 507  

Book Reviews 513

List of Books Received 539  

Letters to the Editor 541  

Index to Volume XLVII 545


1966 March vol. 48, no. 1 

WILLIAM. HINKLE The King and the Pope on the Virgin Portal of Notre-Dame 1  
HAROLDE. WETHEY and ALICE SUNDERLAND WETHEY Herrera Barnuevo and his Chapel in the Descalzas Reales 15  
THEODORE REFF Cézanne and Hercules 35  
ATHENA TACHA SPEAR A Contribution to Brancusi Chronology 45  
BERNICE F. DAVIDSON Some Early Works by Girolamo Siciolante da Sermoneta 55  

ROBERT BRANNER Manuscript-Makers in Mid-Thirteenth Century Paris 65  
JOHN COOLIDGE Rubens and the Decoration of French Royal Galleries 67
EDWARD F. FRY Cubism 1907-1908: An Early Eyewitness Account 70
JANE CAMPBELL HUTCHISON The Housebook Master and the Folly of the Wise Man 73
JEAN C. HARRIS Manet’s Race-Track Paintings 78
WILLIAM V. HOLTZ Sterne, Reynolds, and Hogarth: Biographical Inferences from a Borrowing 82
FRANCES HUEMER Some Observations on Rubens’ Mantua Altarpiece 84
MICHAEL MALLORY An Early Quattrocento Trinity 85
JUERGEN SCHULZ Titian’s Ceiling in the Scuola di San Giovanni Evangelista 89
JOHN R. SPENCER Volterra, 1466 95

DARIO A. COVI Four New Documents Concerning Andrea del Verrocchio 97  
IRVING LAVIN Michelangelo's Saint Peter's Pietà: New Photographs 103

Exhibition Reviews
IRIS H. CHENEY Romanino in Brescia 105

Book Reviews 108

Letters to the Editor 122

Notes for Contributors 128

List of Abbreviations 130

1966 June vol. 48, no. 2 

MALCOLM CAMPBELL Medici Patronage and the Baroque: A Reappraisal 133  
HANS H. BUCHWALD Eleventh Century Corinthian-Palmette Capitals in the Region of Aquileia 147  
HENRY-RUSSELL HITCHCOCK The Schmuzers and the Rococo Transformation of Mediaeval Churches in Bavaria 159  
HOWARD L. ADELSON The Holy Lance and the Hereditary German Monarchy 177  
H. ALLEN BROOKS Frank Lloyd Wright and the Wasmuth Drawings 193

MILLARD MEISS and THEODORE G. JONES Once Again Piero della Francesca’s Montefeltro Altarpiece 203
ELEANOR P. SPENCER and WOLFGANG STECHOW Sts. Nereus and Achilleus in the Fifteenth Century 207
JAMES B. LYNCH, JR. Lomazzo and the Accademia della Valle di Bregno 210
GEORGE KUBLER Three Remarks on the Meninas 212
ANDRÉE M. HAYUM A New Dating for Sodoma’s Frescoes in the Villa Farnesina 215
ROBERT SOWERS On the Blues in Chartres 218
R. ROSS HOLLOWAY The Archaic Acropolis and the Parthenon Frieze 223
HENRICH PFIEFFER, S. J. On the Meaning of a Late Michaelangelo Drawing 227

FREDERICK HARTT IN COLLABORATION WITH GINO CORTI Andrea del Castagno: Three Disputed Dates 228  

State of Research
DAVID ROSAND Rubens Drawings 235  

Exhibition Reviews
BARRY HANNEGAN Guardi at Venice 248
MYRON LASKIN, JR. The Sixteenth Century in Paris 252

Book Reviews 259

List of Books Received 270

List of Abbreviations 272

1966 September-December vol. 48, no. 3/4 

GUNTHER NEUFELD Michelangelo's Times of Day: A Study of Their Genesis 273  
WALTER HORN and ERNEST BORN The Dimensional Inconsistencies of the Plan of Saint Gall and the Problem of the Scale of the Plan 285  
WILLIAM A. CAMFIELD The Machinist Style of Francis Picabia 309  
STANLEY FERBER Crucifixion Iconography in a Group of Carolingian Ivory Plaques 323  
DONALD E. GORDON Kirchner in Dresden 335

SAMUEL Y. EDGERTON, JR. Alberti's Perspective: A New Discovery and a New Evaluation 367
JAMES STUBBLEBINE Two Byzantine Madonnas from Calahorra, Spain 379
JOHN COOLIDGE Further Observations on Masaccio’s Trinity 382
ALFRED FRAZER The Iconography of the Emperor Maxentius’ Buildings in Via Appia 385
ALBERT ALHADEFF Rodin: A Self-Portrait in the Gates of Hell 393
PRUDENCE R. MYER Again the Kanishka Casket 396
PHILIPP P. FEHL Bernini’s Triumph of Truth over England 404
JAROSLAV PEŠINA and R. B. FRANCISCONO An Unknown Painting by Quentin Massys 406
FELTON GIBBONS Ferrarese Tapestries of Metamorphosis 409
PRISCILLA E. MULLER The Prague Crucifixion Signed Petrvs Kempener 412
ECKHARD SCHAAR Carlo Maratti and His Pupiles in the Baptismal Chapel of Saint Peter’s 414

THEODORE H. FEDER A Reexamination through Documents of the First Fifty Years of Roger Van der Weyden's Life 416  

State of Research
ANNE COFFIN HANSON Notes on Manet Literature 432

Book Reviews 439

List of Books Received 460

Letters to the Editor 462


1967 March vol. 49, no. 1 

MARILYN ARONBERG LAVIN The Altar of Corpus Domini in Urbino: Paolo Uccello, Joos Van Ghent, Piero della Francesca 1  
THOMAS W. LYMAN Notes on the Porte Miègeville Capitals and the Construction of Saint-Sernin in Toulouse 25  
BARBARA EHRLICH WHITE Delacroix's Painted Copies after Rubens 37

RICHARD E. SPEAR The Early Drawings of Domenchino at Windsor Castle and Some Drawings by the Carracci 52
IRVING LAVIN An Ancient Statute of the Empress Helen Reidentified (?) 58
RICHARD J. BETTS Titian’s Portrait of Filippo Archinto in the Johnson Collection 59

EGON VERHEYEN Jacopo Strada's Mantuan Drawings of 1567-1568 62

Book Reviews 71

List of Books Received 84

Letters to the Editor 86

Notes for Contributors 88

List of Abbreviations 90

1967 June vol. 49, no. 2 

GEORGE LEVITINE Vernet Tied to a Mast in a Storm: The Evolution of an Episode of Art Historical Folklore 93
ELEANOR S. GREENHILL The Provenance of a Gothic Head 101
DAVID R. COFFIN The Plans of the Villa Madama 111

PETER S. WALCH Charles Rollin and Early Neoclassicism 123
FRED LICHT Goya’s Portrait of the Royal Family 127
DUARD W. LAGING The Methods Used in Making the Bronze Doors of Augsburg Cathedral 129
WAYNE V. ANDERSEN Cézanne, Tanguy, Choquet 137
JOSEPHINE von HENNEBERG An Unknown Portrait of St. Ignatius by Jacopino del Conte 140

J. CARSON WEBSTER A Check List of the Works of Eratus D. Palmer 143

State of Research
Jan Van DER MEULEN Recent Literature on the Chronology of Chartres Cathedral 152

Exhibition Review
JAMES D. BRECKENRIDGE Horder at Aarhus 173

Book Reviews 176

List of Books Received 193

List of Abbreviations 194

1967 September vol. 49, no. 3 

MANOLIS CHATZIDAKIS and GERRY WALTERS An Encaustic Icon of Christ at Sinai 197
LINDA NOCHLIN Gustave Courbet's Meeting: A Portrait of the Artist as a Wandering Jew 209
HOWARD D. RODEE Rubens' Treatment of Antique Armor 223

JACQUES GUILMAIN On the Classicism of the Classic Phase of Franco-Saxon Manuscript Illumination 231
MAURICE L. SHAPIRO A Renaissance Birth Plate 236
CRAIG S. HARBISON Counter-Reformation Iconography in Titian’s Gloria 244

JOHN A. MAHEY The Letters of James McNeill Whistler to George A. Lucas 247

Book Reviews 258

List of Books Received 275

List of Abbreviations 276

1967 December vol. 49, no. 4 

PETER SERENYI Le Corbusier, Fourier, and the Monastery of Ema 277  
WILLIAM. HINKLE The Cosmic and Terrestrial Cycles on the Virgin Portal of Notre-Dame 287  
EUGENE A. CARROLL Lappoli, Alfani, Vasari, and Rosso Fiorentino 297  
ROBERT N. BEETEM Delacroix and His Assistant Lassalle-Bordes: Problems in the Design of the Luxembourg Dome Mural 305

URSULA NILGEN and RENATE FRANCISCONO The Epiphany and the Eucharist: On the Interpretation of Eucharistic Motifs in Mediaeval Epiphany Scenes 311
GERALD M. ACKERMAN Lomazzo’s Treatise on Painting 317
CARL GOLDSTEIN Louis XIV and Jason 327
JAMES H. STUBBLEBINE Cimabue’s Frescoes of the Virgin at Assisi 330

State of Research
DIMITRI TSELOS Defensive Addenda to the Problem of the Utrecht Psalter 334

Book Reviews 350

List of Books Received 372

Letters to the Editor 374

List of Abbreviations 375

Index to Volume XLIX 376


1968 March vol. 50, no. 1 

PAMELA ASKEW The Question of Fetti as Fresco Painter: A Reattribution to Andreasi of Frescoes in the Cathedral and Sant'Andrea at Mantua 1  
LAURINE MACK BONGIORNO The Theme of the Old and the New Law in the Arena Chapel 11  
RICHARD W. WALLACE Salvator Rosa's Democritus and L'Umana Fragilità 21  
LINDA SEIDEL A Romantic Forgery: The Romanesque Portal of Saint-Étienne in Toulouse 33  
MIRELLA LEVI D'ANCONA The Doni Madonna by Michelangelo: An Iconographic Study 43

LILIANE CHÂTELET-LANGE and RENATE FRANCISCONO The Grotto of the Unicorn and the Garden of the Villa di Castello 51
JOHN SANDBERG Whistler Studies 59
HELEN RESENAU The Sphere as an Element in the Montgolfier Monuments 65
MAURICE L. SHAPIRO Klee’s Twittering Machine 67
CECIL A. HEWETT Some Developments in Carpentry, Illustrated by Essex Millwrighting 70
BERNHARD KERBER and RENATE FRANCISCONO Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari 75

THEODORE REFF Some Unpublished Letters of Degas 87

Exhibition Review
GUY WALTON Eighteenth Century French Drawings in Paris 95

Book Reviews 98

List of Books Received 110

Letters to the Editor 112

Notes to Contributors 114

List of Abbreviations 116

1968 June vol. 50, no. 2 

CARL NORDENFALK An Illustrated Diatessaron 119  
DAVID VAN FOSSEN A Fourteenth-Century Embroidered Florentine Antependium 141  
R. WARD BISSELL Artemisia Gentileschi – A New Documented Chronology 153  
RICHARD POMMER Costanzo Michela and Santa Marta in Agliè: A Guarinesque Rarity 169

ROBERT BRANNER The Manerius Signatures 183
JOHN L. WARD A New Look at the Friedsam Annunciation 184
ERICH SCHLEIER Domenichino, Lanfranco, Albani, and Cardinal Montalto’s Cycle 188

FRANK R. DIFEDERICO Documentation for the Paintings and Mosaics of the Baptismal Chapel in Saint Peter's 194

Book Reviews 199

List of Books Received 212

List of Abbreviations 214

1968 September vol. 50, no. 3 

ILENE HAERING FORSYTH Magi and Majesty: A Study of Romanesque Sculpture and Liturgical Drama 215  
IRVING LAVIN Sculpture and Liturgical Drama Five New Youthful Sculptures by Gianlorenzo Bernini and a Revised Chronology of His Early Works 223  
KATHERINE K. GORDON Madame de Pompadour, Pigalle, and the Iconography of Friendship 249

WEBSTER SMITH Definitions of Statua 263
MARVIN TRACHTENBERG An Antique Model for Donatello’s Marble David 268
NAOMI MILLER The Form and Meaning of the Fontaine des Innocents 270
H. W. JANSON Rodin and the Carrier-Belleuse: The Vase des Titans 278

JOHN T. PAOLETTI Quercia and Federighi 281

Book Reviews 285

Letter to the Editor 296

List of Books Received 297

List of Abbreviations 298

1968 December vol. 50, no. 4 

DONALD L. EHRESMANN The Frankfurt Three Kings Portal, Madern Gerthener, and the International Gothic Style on the Middle Rhine 301  
JAMES H. BECK The Historical Taccola and Emperor Sigismund in Siena 309  
MARILYN ARONBERG LAVIN Piero della Francesca's Flagellation: The Triumph of Christian Glory 321  
LEO STEINBERG Michelangelo's Florentine Pietà: The Missing Leg 343

JOHN L. WARD A New Attribution for the Madonna Enthroned in the Thyssen Bornemisza Collection 354
FELTON GIBBONS Jacopo Bertucci of Faenza 357
CHARLES DEMPSEY Et Nos Cedamus Amori: Observations on the Farnese Gallery 363
ALAN P. WALLACH Cole, Byron, and the Course of Empire 375

Book Reviews 380

List of Books Received 388  

List of Abbreviations 389

Index to Volume XL 390


1969 March vol. 51, no. 1 

JOHN WHITE Donatello's High Altar in the Santo at Padua. Part One: The Documents and Their Implications 1  
JOHN McANDREW Sant'Andrea della Certosa 15  
DAVID ROSAND Rubens's Munich Lion Hunt: Its Sources and Significance 29  
MICHAEL MALLORY A Lost Madonna del Latte by Ambrogio Lorenzetti 41  
ALBERT BOIME Thomas Couture and the Evolution of Painting in Nineteenth-Century France 48  
GORDON HENDRICKS Thomas Eakins's Gross Clinic 57

State of Research
CARL D. SHEPPARD Byzantine Carved Marble Slabs 65  

ERIC VAN SCHAAK An Unpublished Letter by Francesco Albani 72  

Exhibition Reviews
GEORGE HENDERSON European Gothic 75
PETER WALCH Angelica Kauffman and Her Contemporaries 83
LOUIS HAWES British Romanticism 88

Book Reviews 91

Letters to the Editor 101  

List of Books Received 102  

Notes for Contributors 103

1969 June vol. 51, no. 2 

COLIN EISLER The Golden Christ of Cortona and the Man of Sorrows in Italy. Part One 107  
JOHN WHITE Donatello's High Altar in the Santo at Padua. Part Two: The Reconstruction 119  
EVERETT FAHY The Earliest Works of Fra Bartolommeo 142  
LISE VOGEL Circus Race Scenes in the Early Roman Empire 155  
CARL F. BARNES, JR. Brunet's Romanesque Capital 161  
KATHRYN BLOOM Lorenzo Ghiberti's Space in Relief: Method and Theory 164  
M. A. GOUKOVSKJ A Representation of the Profanation of the Host: A Puzzling Painting in the Hermitage and Its Possible Author 170  
EMMA H. MELLENCAMP A Note on the Costume of Titian's Flora 174  
MARTIN KEMP J-L. David and the Prelude to a Moral Victory for Sparta 178

Book Reviews 184

List of Books Received 200

1969 September vol. 51, no. 3 

SUZANNE LEWIS The Latin Iconography of the Single-Naved Cruciform Basilica Apostolorum in Milan 205
ERICA CRUIKSHANK DODD On the Origins of Medieval Dinanderie: The Equestrian Statue in Islam 220  
COLIN EISLER The Golden Christ of Cortona and the Man of Sorrows in Italy: Part Two 233  
DEBRA DIENSTFREY PINCUS A Hand by Antonio Rizzo and the Double Caritas Scheme of the Tron Tomb 247  
ANTHONY CUTLER Garda, Källunge, and the Byzantine Tradition on Gotland 257  
CHARLES ILSLEY MINOTT The Theme of the Mérode Altarpiece 267
CHARLES D. CUTTLER Bosch and the Narrenschiff: A Problem in Relationships 272  
GABRIEL P. WEISBERG Félix Bracquemond and Japanese Influence in Ceramic Decoration 277

THEODORE REFF More Unpublished Letters of Degas 281

Book Reviews 290

List Of Books Received 312  

1969 December vol. 51, no. 4 

ANNE MARKHAM SCHULZ The Tomb of Giovanni Chellini at San Miniato al Tedesco 317
BARBARA EHRLICH WHITE Renoir’s Trip to Italy 333
JOSELITA RASPI SERRA English Decorative Sculpture of the Early Twelfth Century and the Como-Pavian Tradition 352
CARMEN GOMEZ-MORENO, ELIZABETH H. JONES, ARTHUR K. WHEELOCK, JR., and MILLARD MEISS A Sienese St. Dominic Modernized Twice in the Thirteenth Century 363
MARILYN ARONBERG LAVIN Piero della Francesca’s Montefeltro Altarpiece: A Pledge of Fidelity 267

CLIFFORD MALCOLM BROWN Una Testa de Platone Antica con la Punta dil Naso di Cera: Unpublished Negotiations between Isabella d'Este and Niccolò and Giovanni Bellini 372

Exhibition Reviews
R.-A. D’HULST Jordaens 378
ROLF KULTZEN Seicento Painting in Friuli 389

Book Reviews 392

Letters To The Editor 410

List Of Books Received 413

Index To Volume LI 415
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