Working with Video


Welcome to Working with Video: Introduction to Picture Editing an asynchronous Boston College Libraries workshop. Here you will be will introduce to video editing concepts and techniques and how to apply them to the editing process. If you are interested in learning about the related area of sound and sound editing, please see the complimentary workshop: Welcome to Working with Sound: Introduction to Audio Recording and Editing.

Soon you will see, this workshop takes a "learn by example" approach, as it presents editing project examples to provide insight into their components and the decision making behind their creation. Following these examples is a practicum and technical instructions to guide you through creating your editing projects.

iMovie is the editing platform we will be focusing on, with some technical instructions for Microsoft Video Maker also being provided. 

To move through the workshop, follow the path indicated by the blue button below. The gray arrow (left of the blue button) will allow you to move back to the previous page.

If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me, Melanie Hubbard, Digital Scholarship Librarian.


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