Working with Sound


Welcome to Working with Sound: Introduction to Audio Recording and Editing an asynchronous Boston College Libraries workshop that will help you gain sound skills or improve them. The main focus will be on voice recording, be it for voiceover/narration or podcasting, and the editing of such recordings. This workshop has been designed to provide you with a range of possibilities on how to produce quality sound with the understanding that many of you will be recording in your homes and offices and will be doing so with minimal equipment, perhaps just with your computer and a pair of headphones. 

There are four exercises. One to get you up and running in Audacity (the recording and editing application we will be using) and to plant the seed for exercise four. Two to get you thinking more consciously about the sound environment around you. And one that will take what you have learned about recording and use it to teach you more about Audacity and sound editing. Keep in mind, we’re not looking for perfection in this workshop. We are simply looking to move the needle of your sound knowledge as, I hope you will discover, a little knowledge can go a long way when it comes to sound production.

As you will see, the Audacity instructions are Mac centric. I have added links to PC resources intended to help bridge the gap. If you need more PC realted information, please let me know and I will add more resources. 

As you move through this workshop and think of questions or run into technical problems, please do not hesitate to ask for help.

-Melanie Hubbard, Digital Scholarship Library, O'Neill Library, Boston College

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