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Paypal Login - Sign in to your Paypal account -

PayPal appears to be a global company that provides users with an ability to make online payments. Yet in order to make an online payment, you should make a quick PayPal login procedure. In this guide, you will learn how to make the sign in to your PayPal account quickly on different devices, as well as you will find solutions to the most common PayPal login problems.

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How to Sign In To

PayPal appears to be a service that can be conveniently used both on personal computers and mobile devices. Therefore, we will naturally provide detailed, helpful guides on how to complete a PayPal login on any device. Keep in mind that if you log in to your PayPal account in a mobile app, you will have to do it only once – unless you will clean the cache and data.


PayPal Login on Windows/Mac

Indeed, it appears to be really easy to log in to your PayPal account on a personal computer or laptop. The entire procedure requires just a minute of your time, and you are unlikely to experience any problems with it. Just stick to the guidelines of our PayPal login guide, and you will quickly access your account.

PayPal Sign In on Mobile Devices

It is quite obvious that you can use your PayPal account on smartphones too, and the easiest way to do it is via the official mobile app: PayPal on iOS and PayPal on Android. However, we have also provided the guides to using PayPal via a mobile browser, since the PayPal app doesn’t allow us to take screenshots. As the login procedures are almost the same, you are unlikely to experience any problems.

What Is PayPal

PayPal appears to be an American online payment company, which, however, provides its services globally. It provides customers from over 200 countries worldwide with an ability to make online money transfers. However, users from some countries are able only to make money transfers, but not to receive money to their accounts.

For a long period of time, PayPal was a subsidiary of eBay, until its spin-off from this company in 2015. Nowadays, there are more than 244 million PayPal users. Besides, in many places in the world, PayPal is accepted as a payment method, along with credit and debit cards.

Recover PayPal Account

If you have lost or forgotten a password from your PayPal account and, thus, you can’t access it, it doesn’t tend to be a problem yet. You are still able to recover PayPal account in a pretty quick way and set up a new password for your account. This part of the guide will demonstrate you how you can regain control over your PayPal account within some minutes.

PayPal Sign In Problems

Unfortunately, there are numerous PayPal login problems that users might encounter. At this stage of our guide, we tried to list the most common such issues and find solutions to them.

What should I do if I got banned on PayPal? Before signing up for PayPal, we highly recommend you to read well the legal agreements. Once you get banned, unfortunately, it tends to be almost impossible to reverse the PayPal’s decision. If this sorry situation has happened to you, you should contact the PayPal customer support and try to find a solution.

I have lost access to my email address, linked to the PayPal account. What should I do? In such a case, you must immediately change your PayPal email address by using your mobile phone number. If your PayPal account is not linked to the phone number, there is no way how you can change your email address. Then, there is no other solution but to regain control over your email address.

I am trying to access my PayPal account, but it says the password is wrong. Even if this happens to you, in most cases it is a completely normal situation. You should recover your password (use the “Recover PayPal Account” section), access your account, and make sure that no one else has used it. If you can see that the account has been used by someone else, you should immediately report it to the PayPal customer support.

How to Sign Out

If you use your PayPal account elsewhere than your home, you obviously need to log out of the account once you are done using it. This short section of our guide will show you how to do it very quickly.

Questions and Answers

Q: How long does it take to get back into PayPal after failing to log in?
Unfortunately, there is no waiting time as such for this type of cases. You should reach out the PayPal customer support by phone and describe them your problem. They will help you to unlock your PayPal account.

Q: Why is PayPal allowing me to log in without security key?
When PayPal deems that the login attempt is authorized and is made from a trustworthy PC/laptop (you could use it many times before, for example), it tends to skip asking for the security key.

Q: How to log in to PayPal with phone?
There are two ways how you can access your PayPal account on a mobile device: via the official app and in a mobile browser. Please, stick to the guidelines that you can find above, in the “PayPal Sign In on Mobile Devices” section.