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Netflix Sign Up - Create Netflix account - Web & app -

Netflix, a video streaming service, is known and popular nowadays worldwide. This Netflix Sign Up guide will demonstrate you not only how to get registered on different devices for Netflix, but will also show you how to take advantage of the Netflix free trial. Indeed, Netflix provides a monthly free trial to all users, which means you can use it for a month without paying anything.

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How to Sign Up for Netflix on Windows/Mac

It is quite obvious that the easiest way to sign up for Netflix is to do so on a personal computer or laptop. Even though you will get a free monthly trial, keep in mind that you should provide either your credit card or PayPal details. Also, you are not eligible for a free monthly trial if you already used one.


Netflix Sign Up on Mobile Devices

If you prefer to watch movies and shows on the go, you can download the Netflix mobile app on your devices: Netflix for Android and Netflix for iOS. You can complete a Netflix sign up procedure both in the app and in a mobile browser. However, we are able to provide instructions only for a mobile browser, since the app doesn’t allow us to take screenshots.

How to Change Netflix Password

If you have problems with how to change your password on Netflix, this part of our guide provides a clue to this issue as well. As you can see, this is really something incredibly simple and easy.

How to Change Payment Method

If you want to pay for your Netflix account with a different payment method, you can change it without a lot of fuss. Just stick to our guidelines for this purpose.

Netflix Sign Up Problems

Even though Netflix is the most popular pay-to-watch streaming service, some problems may occur during the Netflix sign up procedure. At this point of the article, we will provide the users with solutions to the most common problems.

I can’t receive a free monthly trial from Netflix. Most likely, this happens because you have already used one such trial – Netflix doesn’t allow its users to use the trials for more than a month. Another reason for that may be that you have not provided a valid payment method. Also, you should check whether your bank issuer has authorized a transaction from Netflix (Netflix charges a small amount to ensure that the payment method is valid).

I don’t know which account plan to choose. If you don’t know which one to choose and you are eligible for a free trial, you can choose the most expensive one. But before the end of the trial period, you should simply downgrade to a simpler plan, if you feel that you don’t need all the perks of the most expensive plan.

Questions and Answers

Q: How to sign up for a free trial from Netflix?
Our Netflix sign up guide clearly and in detail shows how to get a free trial from Netflix. There are two things to keep in mind. First, you should have a valid payment method – a PayPal or a credit card. Secondly, you shouldn’t have used a free trial before. Otherwise, Netflix will ask you to pay a fee for the next month and you will not get a free trial.

Q: How to sign up for Netflix without a credit card?
In such a case, you may opt to use your PayPal account. But if you have none of that, you are not able to sign up for Netflix.

Q: How to sign up for Netflix with mobile?
Our guide shows in detail how to do in a mobile browser on a smartphone. However, it is equally easy to do in the mobile app of Netflix – just stick to these guidelines and you will sign up for Netflix within a minute.

Q: How to sign up for a new Netflix account?
If you already have an account on Netflix and you want to have a new one (which means that your history will not be saved), you can just repeat the sign up process (described above). Keep in mind, however, that Netflix will not grant you another free trial.