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Netflix login - Sign in to Netflix account - Web & app -

Netflix appears to be the world’s most popular pay-to-watch online streaming platform, where users can enjoy their favorite TV shows and movies. Moreover, the service can be used both on computers and mobile devices. This guide will show you how to make a Netflix login, recover your Netflix account, as well as you will find solutions to the most common problems regarding Netflix.

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How to Sign In To

There are different ways how you can log in to your Netflix account. Obviously, you can watch your favorite shows on your personal computer or laptop. On the other hand, you can log in to your Netflix account in a mobile app, download the movies onto your smartphone, and watch them on the go. All in all, you can find actionable, useful guides for any type of Netflix login that you may need.


Netflix Login on Windows/Mac

It is quite obvious that the most pleasant and satisfying way to use Netflix is to do so on your computer or TV, connected to the computer. If you are experiencing problems with how to log in to your Netflix account, this part of the guide will definitely help you eliminate them. After all, it requires less than one minute to log in to your Netflix account.

Netflix Sign In on Mobile Devices

It is also obvious that you can use your Netflix account on a mobile device as well. The most convenient way is to do so via the Netflix mobile app, which also allows you to download TV series/movies and watch them later: Netflix for Android and Netflix for iOS. Unfortunately, we couldn’t show you the instructions for logging in a mobile app because Netflix doesn’t allow us to take screenshots. But the Netflix login procedure is quite similar in both mobile browsers and the apps, so you will have no problems for sure.

What Is Netflix

Netflix appears to be an American pay-to-watch online streaming service, providing access to online shows and movies. Actually, Netflix was founded as a company that sold DVD discs over mail. In 2007, Netflix started to enter the online streaming market, while it had completely shifted its focus by 2012.

At the present time, there are more than 137 million Netflix subscribers worldwide. This company provides access to its content to users in more than 190 countries. There are three basic tariff plans on Netflix in Europe: 7.99 EUR, 9.99 EUR, and 11.99 EUR. In particular, this company is known for producing a large number of original TV shows and movies, known as Netflix originals.

Recover Netflix Account

If you already have an account with Netflix but you can’t access it, you might have a need to recover your Netflix account. As a matter of fact, the entire process is quite quick and you shouldn’t encounter any problems while doing so. For this purpose, however, you should access your email address or mobile phone.

Netflix Login Problems

Even though Netflix is one of the easiest and most convenient online services, there are certain Netflix login problems that might arise. In this part of the guide, we will describe such problems and supply you with actionable, helpful solutions to them.

Even though I logged in with my Netflix account, I can’t play TV shows and movies. It is likely because another tab with Netflix is opened in your browser – Netflix doesn’t allow its users to watch TV shows in two or more tabs at the same time. Please, close one of the tabs and then try to refresh the page.

How can I log in with my Netflix account if I forgot my email address? In such a case, you can use your mobile phone in order to access your account. If your account hasn’t been linked to a mobile phone number, then you should contact the Netflix customer support and describe your issue.

How to Sign Out

If you will have ever a need to sign in with another Netflix account, you have to sign out of your first account in the first place. In this short section, we will just demonstrate you how to quickly get logged out of your Netflix account.

Questions and Answers

Q: How many people can log in to Netflix at one time?
If you have an active Netflix account, there are 6 devices (computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets) that can be registered to the account at any given time. Moreover, 2 of those devices can stream the videos at the same time. However, you might choose to upgrade to the most expensive Netflix tariff plan and get an option of streaming for up to 4 devices at the same time.

Q: What happens when too many people are logged in to Netflix and you try to log in? 
You will encounter an error, saying that too many people using your account right now. Therefore, you will be able to log in with your account, but you won’t be able to stream the shows.

Q: How to log out of Netflix if forgot to do it in a hotel room?
In such a case, please stick to the instructions of our “Recover Netflix Account” section. At the stage of setting up a new password, you should check the box near “Require all devices…”