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[UIUC] MACS364: Food Networks - S2014

Anita Chan, Author

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Part A:
Tyson Foods, Inc. Brand Impact

Part B:
      For my infographic, I decided to focus on Tyson's impact on the environment and some of the ways the brand has been trying to become more sustainable. I included the brand's use of water, greenhouse gas emissions and the amount the brand has paid in environmental fines. I decided to include the use of water and greenhouse gas emissions because I felt that those are the main issues that are brought up when anyone is speaking of sustainability or impacts on the environment. I thought the amount of money the brand has had to pay in environment fines was interesting and provided another way to look at the impact the brand has. I thought it also provided a contrasting message when compared to the other information I included in the infographic because I felt as though that would be information the company would not want to highlight but had to include in the report for legal reasons. I also included the quote from the CEO and President of Tyson Foods, Inc. on the brand's take on sustainability because I felt it was vague and did not really give a clear idea of what the brand thinks about sustainability and how they are working toward that goal.
     When I was designing the infographic, I made sure to include statistics that would allow the reader to make comparisons between the data from a span of several years. I also made sure that these comparisons could be made within glances by making certain texts and shapes bigger when it contained bigger numbers. I did not want to overwhelm with too much information or too many bright/ different colors. I included breakdowns of the different categories I wanted to show case in order to make it easier to follow. Information was gathered using PDF's from the Tyson Foods, Inc. website:

Part C:
     I do not think Rampton and Stauber would find my infographic particularly riveting. I think they would be most interested in the information about the environmental fees Tyson Foods, Inc. has been paying. I think they would find this most interesting because this is probably information they would prefer the public not to know and there is probably more to it that the public doesn't know. Rampton and Stauber would probably appreciate my infographic more if it contained more controversial and revealing information about the environmental policies of Tyson Foods.
     Based on the chapter "Global Warming is Good for You", I think Rampton and Stauber would be interested in seeing the history of environmental practices of Tyson Foods. It may be that in the past, the brand fought against the science supporting climate change or that it was always for becoming more sustainable in order to lessen the impacts of climate change. My infographic could include a timeline of the policies and the amount of money spent toward developing these policies. I think it would also be interesting to try and find some information that goes against the image of sustainability that the brand is trying to depict to the public perhaps by finding some conservatories and lawsuits from environmental companies against the brand.

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