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Myst Playthroughs

"Because technology is constantly evolving, it is not uncommon for games to become inaccessible as their original intended platforms become unavailable. Due to this issue, we have done extensive research on Myst while the resources are still available to us."-Kathleen Zoller

The Myst Playthroughs chapter features the gameplay videos produced by the developers of this book. The videos aim to document the original player experience so that people who are no longer able to play Myst can understand why the game has endured over close to 30 years. As you watch the videos, you will hear the voices and see the faces of the players as they move through Myst. The 25 videos cover all four of the game's ages and are organized according to them. Because the game is multi-linear, the videos do not reflect a linear player experience but rather feature particular moments in the game's age.

Selenitic Age

Mechanical Age

Stoneship Age

Channelwood Age


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