Documenting Myst


Documenting Myst is a collaborative project undertaken by the Retro Games class 2020 at Washington State University Vancouver. The project takes an in-depth look at Myst, a casual graphic adventure puzzle game originally released in 1993. Myst was the first game of its kind. It introduced nonlinear storytelling and a subdued soundtrack in a beautiful environment that many critics considered to be art. It eschewed many of the traditional arcade gameplay mechanisms of the day, such as death, violence, and speed, and its fresh take on gaming captured the attention of many. Myst sold six million copies and remained the top-selling PC game until 2002.

The Retro Games class 2020, to preserve the aura of the gameplay experience and pay homage to this groundbreaking game, performed extensive research into the development and production of Myst, as well as its reception, fan culture, and the myriad versions and sequels. The result is Documenting Myst, a deep dive into a revolutionary game that introduced an immersive virtual environment with the potential to make the impossible possible. 

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