Theories of Spectatorship Spring 2016


Week 7 finding personal meaning in media

Tuesday April 5th midnight individual Middlebury Media Culture papers due to Canvas
(note new due date!)

April 5 ReadingsApril 7 Screening:  Supernatural “Changing Channels” (5.8); In Real Life (Documentary on Buffy fandom)

Week 8 Audience Discontent & Antifandom

April 12 ReadingsRecommended: April 14 Supernatural 5.9 “The Real Ghostbusters,” Buffy 1.8 ("I Robot, You Jane"); Buffy 7.16 (“Storyteller”);

Week 9 The Politics & Power of Audience Authorship
April 19 ReadingsApril 21  Supernatural 6.15 “The French Mistake,”; Supernatural 8.1 “LARP and the Real Girl”; Fan produced web series & vids

Week 10 Transformative Work
****Class Meets This Week at the Library: LIB 145****

April 26 ReadingsApril 28 Midd Does Shondaland (Student Curated Gensler Screening at Crossroads)

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