The Remembrance Project

The Remembrance Project

Across cultures, humans have developed a wide spectrum of practices to remember the passing of others. Almost every culture and religion have their own traditions of mourning and remembrance, such as New Orleans jazz funerals and the Day of the Dead observance popularized in Mexico. In the United States, funerals and even funeral parades are commonplace. One common feature of many of these traditions is that they are a public ceremonial way to deal with private grief. It is the transferring of private grieving into a shared community activity.

With this in mind, UT Libraries staff have developed an interactive exhibit for the UT community to honor loved ones and colleagues, and to acknowledge the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the UT community and worldwide. We would like to invite members of the UT Community to share some remembrances of collages, friends and loved ones to honor their memory and to connect with others. Remembrance offerings are meant to be personal and individual, and can be inspired by the cultural traditions of you or the one you are honoring. We invite you to also explore further about various traditions of morning and remembrance and have collected some resources from the UT Library collection as a starting point.

Through acknowledging our losses and sharing we hope to provide a communal space for working through the difficulty of grief and loss.

Using this form, you can submit your own memorial objects in image format anonymously or with your name included to add to the project. PNG/JPG format is preferred. If you have any questions, or would like to include information about another tradition that might be featured in the exhibit please contact any one of us.

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