The Art of Food in Frogtown and Rondo

Oluwaseun's Video story 1

The Main Challenge

One of the challenges that were mentioned in some of the videos was that there was a bunch of vacant yards in Frogtown that they did not know what to do with. The other problem was that there was a social divide between people in the neighborhood which led to people not really knowing much about the people in their community.

Here are some videos explaining the impact of the Community Dinner at Frogtown that I found interesting:

I realized the system that Frogtown has to distribute good healthy food very interesting.

I really how having the gardens in the town helps to build the community so that people can be more comfortable around each other. I also find it very creative that they are using the vacant yards to good uses in order to help distribute healthy food across the community.

I found the way that she introduced herself at the event really unique and how she talks about how she incorporates different cultures into the dishes she makes.


Another story that I found interesting was from Colleen Sheehy.

I really like how she went into depth about the activities and opportunities that FreshLo has in the community of Frogtown.


How the problem was addressed:

The community found a use for those empty yards and turned them into community gardens so that everyone could have equal access to healthy food. They also made it easier for people to talk to other people in the community and learn about their life by creating a community meal.

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