Spatial Justice: Resource Site for Gentrification of Highland Park

Recommendations for Occidental to be accountable to the community

Following the performance and discussion of "Gentrification is Colonization," students created lists of actions that Occidental community members (as well as the College as a community institution) can do to be more accountable to the Highland Park community.

Recommendations for Oxy to be more accountable to the community
As one of the largest institutions in the community, Occidental holds tremendous local purchasing power. Institutional contracts and choices made by offices, organizations, and individual students, staff, faculty, and staff about where to spend money are choices about the kinds of businesses to support in the community. In the discussion with Highland Park community members that followed the performance of “Gentrification is Colonization,” a number of recommendations emerged about how Occidental community members can be more accountable to the Highland Park community. In particular, choices to spend money at new businesses that have no connection to the older local community can contribute to the displacement of longer-term businesses that provide services, goods, and support to long-term residents. Beyond choices about spending money, accountability also entails learning about the community, including its history and cultures, and being aware of how one’s own behavior affects its residents.
For Everyone
Support anti-displacement work in the community 
For Administration, Staff, Faculty 
For Students 
Things to consider in choosing businesses and restaurants:  
Concerns about these restaurants. Ask them the above questions: 
Support these based on the above considerations (suggest adding these to Oxy’s lists of recommended places to eat):