Spatial Justice: Resource Site for Gentrification of Highland Park

Data Mapping Project

With the assistance of Shayne Smith (Urban Planning, UCLA), students created these maps. The Highland Park Housing Information map and database uses housing data obtained through the City of Los Angeles Zoning Information and Map Access System (ZIMAS). At the request of our community partners, students focused their research on the area of Highland Park bordered by Monte Vista, Avenue 50, Avenue 57, and the 110 freeway. The map and the database contain the following information for individual properties in the defined area: Street Address, Ellis Act Status, Rent Stabilization Status, Land Use, Land Value, Last Ownership Change, Last Sale Amount, Number of Units, Number of Bedrooms, and Number of Bathrooms.

The interactive features of the Highland Park Housing Information map provide a valuable resource for planners, policy makers, nonprofits, and the community members. Unlike the ZIMAS website, the Highland Park Housing Information map allows users to view pertinent housing information for various prosperities by clicking on data points rather than conducting individual search requests. Additionally, the Highland Park Housing Information map permits users to filter the displayed data points by the Last Sale Amount. The filtering feature allows users see where the properties are being sold at higher prices. Lastly, the map and database allow planners and activists to track strong gentrification indicators like Ellis Act status and Rent Stabilization status in Highland Park on a year-to-year basis.