Sons of Providence


After 1950, Providence College stopped tracking religious denomination and ethnicities on official transcripts and stopped tracking the ethnicities of incoming students.  Thus, it became more difficult for us to track the numbers of Jewish students on campus.  There was a general decline in the number of students during the war period, and after the war the number of Jewish students began to decline in general.  

Based on interviews with alumni, experts, and college faculty, it seems clear to us that the numbers of Jewish students continued to decline, so that by the 1970s and 1980s, the number of Jewish students on campus was miniscule.  More research is required to determine the reasons, but these could include:We are continuing to try to understand this phenomenon, but the first step is to recognize the historical importance of the Jewish community in the building of Providence College.  Their presence is literally inscribed on the stones of the War Memorial Grotto and the walls of Harkins Hall.

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