Sons of Providence

Video: Complete Documentary and Opening Night Celebration

 The complete documentary is available on YouTube.
The video below is Dr. Jennifer Illuzzi and Dr. Arthur Urbano's introduction to the video and Q&A session on May 2, 2018.
The below video presents the lecture and film viewing that took place on March 30, 2017 at Providence College.  Dr. Jennifer Illuzzi of the History Department and Dr. Arthur Urbano of the Theology Department presented the findings of their collaborative research project including a discussion of archival records and student publications, many of which are also contained within this digital exhibit.  Finally, film studies minor Joseph Aiello presents the video he created with interviews of Jewish alumni.  An image gallery presenting photos of the alumni featured in the film is available here

The story of the Jewish history of Providence College was also featured on RI Public Radio's Artscape.

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