Sex and Caste at 50

Where do we go from here?

This re-positioning is part of a larger effort I began when searching for various origins points women used to express their position in society.   As I rummaged around for the origins on consciousness, I asked "What if we slowed down to linger a little longer with black women?"  A Kind of Memo  as an origin story provides a tenacious mythology that anchors women's liberation in the civil rights movement, but far too infrequently, with an emphasis on the role of black women.  So much is missing still in writing that history.  
  1. Who received the Memo?  The original contained the names of the forty (or forty-four depending on the source) women who received it.
  2. How was it received?  While scholars have pointed to the Memo, few activists have written about it.
  3. What role does the mythology of Sex and Caste play in memoirs and history writing.  The document has been untethered from history, and now appears in a huge range of texts. 

As I turn this repositioning into an essay, I hope to be able to answer some of the above.  In particular, writing in public led Casey Hayden to me, and I hope very much, that it will lead others to contact me (professmoravec at gmail) or comment here.  

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