Revolutionizing Weimar Germany's Public Sphere

Step 1: "Stop Reading! Look!"*

* (Johannes Molzahn, typographer, 1928)

". . . because once you've studied the pictures for a while, they begin to speak. The people in the pictures hold still - so patiently, that you can study them at your leisure. And when you're wholly inside the picture, the people speak."  (Kurt Tucholsky, "Foreword" GG)

Pictured above are photo 1photo 2 and photo 3 that Tucholsky and Heartfield included in GG's second preface: 
"Foreword: or, it is impossible to write captions for photographs" 

Step 1: Spend about 20-30 seconds with each photograph.
Be patient! Take your time!

Try to answer these questions for each photograph:

  1. Looking at these photographs: What do you notice?
  2. Who is in those photographs?
  3. Are they types or individuals? 
  4. In which direction are the depicted persons looking?
  5. What are they looking at?

Once you have answered these questions for all three photographs, move on to Step 2.

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