Refugee Narratives: Ten Stories of Cambodian Refugees


Introduction to the Project Lab

We are a group of students from Saint Mary’s College enrolled in the course ENLT 290: Digital Humanities Project Lab. This course was affiliated with the grant-funded initiative “Refuge(es): Telling the Story of Global Displacement through the Archives of the Sisters of the Holy Cross,” and, for our contribution to this initiative, we edited a series of first-person refugee accounts collected by Sister Paula Goettlemann in a small journal during her time in Cambodia.  To contextualize the narratives found in this journal, we sought additional items held in the Sisters of the Holy Cross
Archives and Records that illustrated the work of the Sisters of the Holy Cross in Cambodia both during and following the oppressive Khmer Rouge regime. We hope that, by digitizing and editing these entries, they will become more accessible to a wider public audience. 

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