Postmodernism, Indie Media, and Popular Culture: The Updated, Expanded Digital Edition

Chapter 11

Indie Media and Postmodern Approaches to the Market
            Postmodern marketing is known as the application of postmodern philosophy to aspects of marketing activities and concepts.  Modernism is a general view that is increasing in numbers and growing into the future.  Many postmodern ideas seem to fit very well with the aspects of marketing. Production and consumption are two among the many terms used in marketing. Very little of society produces anything in a physical way, there is a lack of loyalty in which people are scared to commit to anything at all weather it is an idea or a brand. 
            Many advertisements in today’s society portray not only the subject that the company is offering but they promote their goods in a certain style. A style that is appealing to the eye of society and one that people can live by wearing or even using their products that are on display.  Today’s world in the means of consumers and producers is lived by a certain expectation and is based on images, media, consumption and the popularity of products. This is a very postmodern topic and way of marketing.
            An example of this would be the emphasis on form and style that is heavily distributed in the fashion industry along with the food industry.  Looking at the fashion industry we know that appearance means a lot and the different marketing strategies used to bring in people to buy products are very different than other industries.  Seeing someone who is famous in Hollywood wearing a specific designer makes people more inclined to look into their work and want to buy their clothes if they can afford them. 
            The same goes for the food industry, appearance at some restaurants or high-end cuisines is everything. Not only in restaurants where the chef’s may be very particular about how their food is presented and given out on plates to their customer but even in the frozen food industry, appearance is important. Frozen meals may not always look the greatest when pulling them out of the refrigerator but the way the box is and the presentation of the designs on the box. Many thoughts and ideas go into the ways of creating simple items such as the boxes for frozen foods.  Learning about this shows that presentation and style does matter, producers need to make their products marketable to the people they want to reach by doing all of the little things right.
            There are some key concepts in marketing in the postmodern market. Three of the main ones are known as the production era, sales era and the marketing era. The production era is when the ideal product is being produced and will have many features that the potential consumer may want.  The sales era is known for the idea that the manufacturing companies can produce more good then the market can accept at a certain time. Lastly the marketing era is driven by the consumer needs. 
            There are many different styles and genres that influence the market and the way producers and consumers interact.  A larger interesting topic is the influences the culture has on the youth and how the public eye sees others that continues on from generation to generation.  There are different elements that contribute to the audience appeal which include ethics, logic and emotions. The ethos or ethical appeal is what your consumers must find believable, they must believe that the product will look or taste good or be durable.  The logos or logical appeal goes along with the presentation and organization of the product.  While the Pathos or emotional appeal is the emotional level of how producers will connect with consumers.  Together all of these are considered to be the perfect trifecta for a market. 
            Postmodernism marketing in the future will consists of more innovation along with imagination, creativity, and cultural research.  The market will continue to expand and the following of consumers more closely will be watched and acted upon for greater business opportunities.  Reaching people on a more personal level of what they need and also what they want makes them more inclined to buy products or at least be interested in buying them. 

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