The Digital Piranesi

Roman Antiquities (1 of 4)

Roman Antiquities / , vol 1 of 4 (Opere, vol 1)

1.  Add Piranesi's titles (copy and paste from “Transcriptions” files).
2.  Add links to pages in ContentDM. 

Use this format, with “here” as a hyperlink to the corresponding page in ContentDM:
            "To see this image in Antichita Romane, vol 1 of Piranesi's Opere, click here."
For examples, see pages in vol 16 or 17.
Example of single-page view in ContentDM, with the url to use for the link:
To get to this screen, find the right “page” in the volume and click on it (use only single-page images, not two-page spreads; don't link to blank pages).
Then add that url to the link in Scalar. 

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