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Blazing World: Worlds

Thus the Duchess's soul, after she had taken her leave of the Emperess, as also of the Spirits, who with great civility, promised her, that they would en∣deavour in time to make a peace and agreement be∣tween Fortune and the Duke, returned with Prudence and Honesty into her own World: But when she was just upon her departure, the Emperess sent to Her, and desired that she might yet have some little conference with her before she went; which the Duchess most willingly granted her Majesty, and when she came to wait on Her, the Emperess told the Duchess, that she being Her dear Platonick friend, of whose just and impartial judgment, she had always a very great esteem, could not forbear, before she went from her, to ask her advice concerning the Govern∣ment of the Blazing-world; For, said she, although this World was very well and wisely order'd and go∣verned at first, when I came to be Emperess thereof; yet the nature of Women, being much delighted with change and variety, after I had received an absolute Power from the Emperour, did somewhat alter the Form of Government from what I found it; but now perceiving that the world is not so quiet as it was at first, I am much troubled at it; especially there are such continual contentions and divisions between the Worm∣Bear- and Fly-men, the Ape-men, the Satyrs, the Spider-men, and all others of such sorts, that I fear they'l break out into an open Rebellion, and cause a great disorder and ruine of the Government; and there∣fore I desire your advice and assistance, how I may or∣der it to the best advantage, that this World may be rendred peaceable, quiet and happy, as it was before. Whereupon the Duchess answered, That since she heard by her Imperial Majesty, how well and happily the World had been governed when she first came to be Emperess thereof, she would advise her Majesty to introduce the same form of Government again, which had been before; that is, to have but one Soveraign, one Religion, one Law, and one Language, so that all the World might be but as one united Family, without divisions; nay, like God, and his Blessed Saints and Angels: Otherwise, said she, it may in time prove as unhappy, nay, as miserable a World as that is from which I came, wherein are more Soveraigns then Worlds, and more pretended Governours then more Religions then Gods, and more O∣pinions in those Religions then Truths; more Laws then Rights, and more Bribes then Justices, more Policies then Necessities, and more Fears then Dangers; more Covetousness then Riches, more Ambitions then Merits, more Services then Rewards, more Languages then Wit, more Controversie then Knowledg, more Reports then noble Actions, and more Gifts by par∣tiality, then according to merit; all which, said she, is a great misery, nay, a curse, which your blessed Bla∣zing-world never knew, nor 'tis probable, will never know of, unless your Imperial Majesty alter the Go∣vernment thereof from what it was when you began to govern it: And since your Majesty complain much of the factions of the Bear- Fish- Fly- Ape- and Worm∣men, the Satyrs, Spider-men, and the like, and of their perpetual disputes and quarrels, I would advise your Majesty to dissolve all their societies; for 'tis better to be without their intelligences, then to have an un∣quiet and disorderly Government. The truth is, said she, wheresoever is Learning, there is most commonly also Controversie and Quarrelling; for there be always some that will know more, and be wiser then others; some think their arguments come nearer to truth, and are more rational then others; some are so wedded to their own opinions, that they'l never yield to Reason; and others, though they find their Opinions not firmly grounded upon Reason, yet for fear of receiving some disgrace by altering them, will nevertheless maintain them against all sense and reason, which must needs breed factions in their Schools, which at last break out into open Wars, and draw sometimes an utter ruine upon a State or Government. The Emperess told the Duchess, that she would willingly follow her advice, but she thought it would be an eternal disgrace to her, to alter her own Decrees, Acts and Laws. To which the Duchess answered, That it was so far from a disgrace, as it would rather be for her Majesties eternal honour, to return from a worse to a better, and would express and declare Her to be more then ordinary wise and good; so wise, as to perceive her own errors, and so good, as not to persist in them, which few did; for which, said she, you will get a glorious same in this World, and an Eternal glory hereafter; and I shall pray for it so long as I live. Upon which advice, the Emperess's Soul embraced and kiss'd the Duchess's soul with an immaterial kiss, and shed immaterial tears, that she was forced to part from her, finding her not a flat∣tering Parasite, but a true friend; and, in truth, such was their Platonick Friendship, as these two loving Souls did often meet and rejoice in each others Conver∣sation. 

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