Nikos Samartzidis Collection: Linear B Paintings and Poetry

Samartzidis Painting Gallery

To access full transliteration, mouse-over the top right corner of painting.

Above, you will find a carousel gallery to the paintings of Nikos Samartzidis at PASP. Navigate the carousel by using the left and right arrows on the margins of the image.

Each painting has been annotated with transliterations of the Linear B characters. These annotations are accessible by mousing over the images, either on each line of Linear B or at the top right of each image, where full annotations have been summarized.

The full transliteration format follows these guidelines:

Painting Title (English),
Painting Title (Greek) (if applicable. Not every painting has an English and Greek title),

Transliteration of Linear B symbols into Roman Alphabet (using standard transliteration - full Linear B words divided by commas and the Linear B characters which make up a single word are joined by hyphens.)

Note: The line-breaks within transliterations follow the format of the original lines by Samartzidis. The English and Greek poetry do not correspond to these line breaks.

Greek poem (depicted on the painting) - the Greek correlates to the Linear B script

English - the English is an English translation of the Greek poem.

Want just the script? To the right is a .txt file of all of the exhibited paintings with just their script counter-parts.

Below are thumbnails of all paintings. Clicking the thumbnails will bring you to the individual pages of paintings where you will find the transliterated data as well.

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