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In this project I am trying to guide a user throughout the school. Starting from the UW-Bothell logo and finishing at the gym inside of the ARC. While the user follow the path that was step up, I also put up questions that the user can make comment on the website about their thought and experience throughout the journey. The ARC stand for “Activities and Recreation Center,” this is a place for students to study, handout, involve with the community and to work out. For this specific project I wanted to focus on guiding the user to the gym. I choose the gym because is place where we can see inequality issues that brought up some questions. For examples, why do we see more male in the gym than female? Why does more female be on the treadmill than male? Same goes to male, of why does more male uses bench press than female? Is not just only focus on male or female but there are also questions that focus on races. Like, how would someone who is an Asian female feel when they are going to the gym compare to a white or black female?  This could goes the same way for male. For me to focus on this specific site, I was inspired by C. Davida Ingram of her work. In one of the articles that we read about her, she said “that the Library can explore work around global health, global development, education and homelessness that the Gates Foundation tackles. This transition has a lot to do with my wanting to return to my work in the arts and a more community-centered practice (Cunningham).” After reading about her accomplishments and what she does for the community, I wanted to explored more about the community that I am in and what are people thought about the place that they go in to workout. This idea of guiding the user it kinder similar to “Blast Theory” and “Transborder Immigrant Tool, Transition” video that we watched in class. “The Transborder Immigrant Tool is not made of hyperbole and political caricatures but instead, as the epigraphs demonstrate, a series of instructions and procedures written in a calmer tone, that nonetheless draw the reader into imagined journeys (Marino 4).”  As it said in this quote, I wanted this website as an adventure for a user who goes to the gym a lot or a first time to add their thought and experience.


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