Mirrors & Masks: Reflections and Constructions of the Self


List of Donors

Herbert Lee and Margery Peterson Lee (Class of 1951)
Howard and Jacqueline Koldin Levine (Class of 1946)
Margaret M. Healy
Helen Burwell Chapin (Class of 1914, AB 1915)
Mace Neufeld and Helen Katz Neufeld (Class of 1953)
Bill Scott 
Nora Lavori (Class of 1971)
Elizabeth Gray Vining (Class of 1923)
Merrill Mason

Other Generous Donors 

Clarissa Compton Dryden (Class of 1932, MA 1935) 
Eleanor Wood Whitehead (Class of 1902)
Howard L. Gray, Professor of History, 1915–40 
Margery Hoffman Smith (Class of 1911)
Edith Finch, Class of 1922
Theresa Helburn (Class of 1908)
Seymour Adelman
Dr. S. Brand
Argosy Partners and Bond Street Partners

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