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"The Parting Requiem" by Louisa Macartney Crawford

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The Parting Requiem 

We parted in silence, we parted at night 
        On the banks of that lonely river, 
Where the fragrant limes their bows unite, 
         We met, and we parted forever. 
The nightbirds sang, and the stars above 
         Told many a wondrous story 
Of friends long gone to the haven of love, 
         Where the soul wears its mantel of glory. 

We parted in silence, our cheeks were wet
         With tears that were past controling, 
And we vowed that we never, no never forget, 
         And the vows at that time were consoling. 
But the lips that echoed that vow of mine 
         Are as cold as that lonely river; 
And that sparkling eye, the spirits shrine, 
         Has shrouded its fire forever. 

And now on the midnight sky I look 
         My heart grows full to weeping, 
Each star to me is a seal'd book
         Some trace of the loved one keeping. 
We parted in silence, we parted in tears, 
         On the banks of that lonely river
But the color and bloom of those bygone years, 
         Shall hang around its waters forever. 

                                                       Mrs. Crawford

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