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"Forget Me Not," by Fitz-Greene Halleck

Transcription of the Poem:


There is a flower, a lovely flower,
tinged deep with faith's unchanging hue,
Pure as the ether in its hour,
Of loveliest and serenest blue
The streamlets gentle side it seeks,
The silent fount, the shaded grot;
And sweetly to the heart it speaks,
Forget-me-not, forget-me-not!
Mild as the azure of thine eyes,
Soft as the halo beam above,
In tender whispers still it sighs,
Forget-me-not, my life, my love!
Where thy last steps turned away,
[ill.] eyes shall watch the sacred spot,
And this sweet flower be heard to say,
Forget! ah no! forget-me-not!

[ill.]deep its azure leaves within,
[ill.]seen the blighting hue of care!
What that secret grief hath been
[ill.] drooping stem may well declare, 
The dew-drops on its leaves are tears,
That ask "Am I so soon forgot?
Repeating still amidst their fears
My life, my love forget-me-not!

From the German by F. Halleck
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