Remarkable Women In Engineering

The Exhibit

The contributions women have made to the field of science and engineering throughout the course of time is nothing short of remarkable.  The complex computer algorithms used to create the vast conveniences in current life are all possible in part to the concept of a computer algorithm, a concept that was discovered by Ada Lovelace, a mathematician.  The development of ‘frequency hopping,’ which allowed for the control of devices remotely, is the same technology that forms the basis for various modern wireless communication, including WiFi.  All possible by woman inventor, Hedy Lamar. Or take into account the invention of non-reflective glass that was used to make eyeglasses, create clearer pictures in camera lenses, and improved airplane glass during World War II.  All made possible by physicist, Kathleen Burr Blodgett. 

The story of these women and many like them are but a few we choose to highlight in this exhibit in order to shed light on the immense impact their discoveries and accomplishments have had not only to the sciences and engineering, but to the impact on breaking gender barriers along the way. 

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