Intermission: COVID-19's Effect on Theatre


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COVID-19 has brought about tremendous financial and personal losses for countless individuals. In particular, the arts have suffered greatly throughout this pandemic. The theatre world has faced unprecedented obstacles this past year, yet the artists that make up this community have continued to be beacons of hope for those around them. I would like to share a few of their stories and experiences, not just for non-artists, but also for theatre artists themselves struggling to find purpose and direction in these times. We are faced with uncertainty every day, but one thing is certain: we are still here. Theatre and institutions across the country, including Western Michigan University, have created innovative and safe ways to continue sharing our art with our communities. As usual, theatre artists confronted the new challenge of the pandemic with their collective creative genius, and they will continue to do so for new challenges months and years to come.

For the curious viewers: continue to support art in all its forms, and demand that our representatives provide more funding for all of our artists and artistic programs.

For the creatives: continue to make art. The world needs you.

With gratitude,

Jesús de José Barajas
Actor, Singer, Artist
WMU B.F.A. Music Theatre Performance Class of 2021

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