Innovation Office: Promising Practices

Promising Practices: Introduction

In the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) we believe that promising practices are being implemented on a daily basis at our schools. These practices can be seen as innovative as they refine or evolve current methodologies.  Innovations are in the areas of organization, management, instructional technique and delivery. Promising practices aim to address the challenge of continuous improvement as we seek to accelerate student achievement.  The purpose of this book is to highlight and incubate some of these practices being used as well as to identify emerging innovative practices.  The LAUSD covers 710 square miles thus making it challenging to see these practices first-hand.  This book will help educators connect with practices being applied in classrooms. Whenever possible we work on providing background on the pedagogy and research behind these practices. This book will facilitate the replication of promising practices within our District schools.  

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