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Flexible Learning Space

Flexible Learning Space (Article: Flexible Classrooms: Providing the Learning Environment That Kids Need)

At Welby Way in Local District Northwest, one innovative approach that is being implemented to address Student engagement is “flexible learning spaces”
Students in Mrs. Slezinger’s 5th grade class select their learning space freely.  Students can select from roundtables, traditional student desks, yoga ball chairs, couches, bungee chairs, or standing desks.  In a flexible space students can select their environment depending on their learning preference.  All students have a locker where their personal belongings are kept and available for them as they move freely through the classroom.

On this day, students were in their spaces working on a collaborative project on US History.  Twenty-nine students were logged-on to Google drive and collaborating on a single grid document.  Students were working independently on their chrome books but were engaged with conversations using the “comment” features of Google Docs.  Students moved freely from workspaces and settings in this student-centered environment.
SIG Schools Cohort 3 Schools Angeles Mesa in LD Central is transforming the learning environment with flexible learning space.  
The LA Daily news highlighted this work: Click here

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