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A few tips: Garage Doors Maintenance

In order to keep your garage door free of problems, a quick annual inspection is all that's needed. Here are some things to look out for to ensure a proper working garage door year round.


These few tips can be done by any do-it-yourself capable person quite easily but if you feel like it's too much manual labor for you, don't hesitate to contact professionals. If you happen to be on the west coast, here are some real professionals with a lot of experience specialized in garage door services in Southern California. It’s generally worth the money to hire someone you trust so you can be sure there’s nothing to worry about when your garage door repair is said and done. Also, always check the company you decide to hire for positive reviews on reliable sources to verify that they carry a good reputation to ensure a proper maintenance.


Garage Door Maintenance tips


Rollers are constantly working because they are the major moving part on any garage door. They also support the garage door weight and they are the major factor causing stress on the electric motor driving your door if you have one. If you don't, then you are probably using chains to lift it up and it wouldn't hurt to make sure they are all greased up to ensure an easy and smooth roll inside the tracks. 


Which brings us the other thing to be careful about. Tracks are prone to damage after being hit by hard objects (think of your kids, are they sometimes in the garage playing around?) A quick inspection will tell you if they are bent and if it's the case, a few hits with a hammer or a pair of pliers might do the trick. If they aren't repairable, consider changing the track altogether as this might cause the motor to overwork. 


They might also be crooked because the mounting brackets have been bent, consider trying to put them back in place. Also, tracks will accumulate dust and debris over time and it would be a good idea to clean them on a regular basis. A simple paint brush will do the trick or a broomstick. Then, make sure it's all clean using any regular household cleaner and a rug. 


Also, check the pulleys to ensure they are clean and without damage. Last but not the least, ensure all nuts and bolts are tight with a ratchet or a set of keys. After all the components are clean and verified to be in good working order, you can grease them using any industrial grease or one made specifically for this purpose.  


Now, with these tips on hand, you should be able to maintain your garage door in proper working order for years to come!

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