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HAVC 135B : German Art 1905-1945

What role did art and culture play in forming Germany’s national identity in the 19th century?

Germany was struggling with finding its own cultural identity and traditions during the 19th century. Occupied by France, a channel was needed where Germans felt as though their cultural history and background could stand along with the traditions of the other, some might say stronger, nations that surrounded them. This channel became art and art practices. German art was used to show not only the world but the citizens of Germany themselves that this nation too had a rich cultural history of fine art. Romantic nationalism was depicted in art pieces, portraying landscapes and figures in uniquely German ways. Art and culture was used to show the citizens of the country that they too were from a great nation with a historical legacy, bringing a huge sense of pride into the nation. Furthermore, art was used to show the German discontent with their occupation by France. It was used as a channel to express the pride in the country and its cultural history that was trying to be covered.

Niki Salarpi

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