HAVC 135B : German Art 1905-1945

Reading Journal

B) Reading Journal:   25% of final grade
Your Reading Journal consists of reflective writing (not note-taking) based on the required readings for each course meeting. The Reading Journal is worth 25% of your final grade. Participation factors significantly into your Reading Journal grade.

For each READING JOURNAL entry, please include the following: 
OPTIONAL: For each CLASS MEETING please consider writing out one or more questions or ideas that you will be willing to share in class discussion.
There is no page requirement. Your Reading Journal may be in digital form. Be prepared to submit your Reading Journal with each written assignment.
In the event of an absence, your reading journal will be accepted WITHOUT a late penalty.

In addition to keeping a Reading Journal, each student must also post a comment on one of the Guiding Questions for one of the four units of the course. These comments must be 150-200 words in length. This component is worth 5-points (20%) of the Reading Journal grade. Please follow this link for further instruction, as well as the sign-up list.
These answers ideally will help you to engage with each other's thinking as you analyze course material and complete your written assignments.

No late comments will be accepted. ‚Äč

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