HAVC 135B : German Art 1905-1945

In the Steelworks; Arthur Kampf, ca. 1939

Appeal to the masses through art, including the working man.
Bridging together technology and man- which is symbolic for moving into the future with the Nazi party- embracing technology.
Creative work, all work is channeling the German creative spirit. 
Everyone worker is contributing to the Nazi image and ideology. 
‚Äč"Many painting were simply an advertisement for the strong worker" 167 Adam
"Worker as a hero" 167 Adam

Visuals: White men, whiteness is highlighted by having each body illuminated. Idealized human body- Greek influences. Idealized worker, not over worked or in pain. No faces are distinguishable, further showing the sacrifice of the individual for the greater German good. "Individual is apart of the whole"  168 Adam


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